What To Do

Collin leaned in to me and I flinched at his closeness. “Listen. Either you meet me later or I come to you. What do you think about that?” I think I’d like to kill you; that is what I think. But I didn’t say anything because Collin just had some power over me.


I just nodded and he walked away calmly. Calmly like he hadn’t just threatened me. Calmly like everything was fine but it was really far from it now. What to do?

I’m definitely not going to meet him. That’d be suicide. But I can’t avoid him either, that’d be … suicide as well. So basically, either way I’m screwed. This was one of those times I really wished the pants were working. Why are they not?

Maybe I made up everything and everyone involving my jeans to forget the truth about myself. I’m in love with Collin and no matter what he does, I always will be.

Don’t you just hate it when you find something you can’t change even if it would be for the better? Don’t you just hate it when your magical jeans don’t work anymore?

I do.

The End

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