I Wasn't Dreaming

“Yes! I mean, yeah.” Jason said. He seems to get overexcited. That’s good for now because it’s entertaining. Later though, I’m not too sure. In fact, I’m not even sure if we’re going to have a later or just a now. When he’s not around, I’m going to have to add this in my “novel.”

We walked to a corner diner and ate pizza together. After that, we went back to the park and sat on my bench, reading together.

And from that day, we were inseparable. I know, cheesy.

I’m not sure if it was a love thing, more like a really good friends thing. But he was amazing company despite everything else going on. We had so many things in common, so many things to talk about together.

Friday came along and we decided to hang out at the mall. And this is where my bizarre pants stopped doing wonders for me.

I was really hoping that he was fake and that I was just going crazy or something but we all know I’m already crazy enough. I wasn’t dreaming. Collin was really standing across the mall’s food court, staring at me.

The End

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