Special, Strange Jeans

I started to fill Jason in on the beginning of the story because the page he read was in the middle. He listened, interested or just pretending to be. The strangest thing was that every time I looked at him, he was staring at me. And he didn’t glance away when he knew I caught him, he just kept looking. It was creepy.

I gazed over him since he was being obvious about doing it to me. He was kind of cute. His dirty blonde hair reminded me of Collin but everything else about him was completely different. He seemed like someone to hang out with but in the back of my mind … I was thinking about how this happened.

When I was wearing my special and strange jeans, I meet a hot guy that could possibly replace Collin. It this really happening or is my mind wandering as I write? Jason interrupted my thoughts before I went out of control.

“So, would you like to hang out sometime?” he asked.

“Um yeah, sure. You wanna go to lunch?” I probably shouldn’t have offered but he smiled hugely.

The End

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