Sandy Blonde Hair

 “Um … uh,” I stuttered to actually say the name Collin out loud and the guy seemed to understand that his name was something I couldn’t or wouldn’t say.

“Well, I’m Jason Howe. Hi.” He reached to shake my hand but I stayed frozen and he pulled his hand back to run his fingers through his sandy blonde hair. Oh no, blonde hair.

“Catherine Allie.” I murmured, blushing. “I mean, Allie. So, um how much did you read?”

“Enough. Well, not really. I’m curious to see how the ending turns out. I wonder if the girl in the story escapes that jerk.” He seemed to realize the girl was probably me but he didn’t mention it. Thank God. “Are you done writing the ending? I really want to find out what happens to the characters.” Me too.

The End

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