Not Really Destiny

My important background type stuff is really stupid to me but not to anyone else. I really would love to just forget all of it. And no, its not one of those “too painful to remember things” I just don’t like talking about. I’m completely over … Collin.

There, I said it. Collin. Collin. Collin was my beautiful, blonde-haired, abusive ex-boyfriend. I love him. I mean I loved him. The perfect boyfriend you could ask for turned out to be abusive with a history already. But we were together for two years so he’s not just forgettable. If only…

Okay, sorry. I should get back to my jeans story. After Collin and I … broke up and blah, blah, blah, then came the pants. I needed a pick-me-up type of thing so I drove to the mall. American Eagle was one of the first stores so I shuffled through some clothes, playing dress-up with random things, trying to entertain myself.

 And then I picked up the pants and it was destiny.

No, scratch that.

The End

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