My Favorite Jeans

About a girl who buys a pair of American Eagle jeans to satisfy herself after a bad relationship. Unaware if she's crazy or not, the jeans take her for a wild ride during her summer vacation.

My favorite jeans must be powerful in some way. No, I’m not thinking about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants because my pants don’t travel unless they’re with me. But my jeans, I don’t know, the only logic answer is that they’re possessed and that’s not very logical anyway.

And they’re ordinary blue jeans so they can’t be like one-of-a-kinds. Well, maybe. But the important thing is that while I was wearing my favorite pair of blue jeans, something amazing happened to me. That means, roughly speaking of course, that despite the high prices of these American Eagle jeans, they were worth it all.

Getting ahead of myself there. It seemed easier to skip over the less important details but I guess it’s a must to explain them. My name’s Catherine Allie Taine but just call me Allie. Trust me, its difficult to fit that all on a name tag; my first idea of an introduction. Then I’d be skipping over my important background info and I wouldn’t have to explain all the hard stuff. Oh well. Here goes … something.

The End

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