I drop it

Dad, is that really you? I ask myself, shocked. Before I have chance to voice my questions dad looks at me. “Yes son, it’s me. Please don’t ask any questions, not now. I, no sorry, we, don’t have time.” Well, it looks like dad, sounds like dad and reads me like a book like dad. No he can’t be, we buried him. I watched him lowered into the ground, I watched him covered in earth. Once again he reads me like an open book, “you didn’t see my body, did you son?” he asks. Like I have to answer, he knows we didn’t. He was murdered, shot four times, once in the head. We wasn’t allowed to see the body, the shotgun had apparently rearranged his face. They said we wouldn’t recognise him. We only knew it was him from dental records and his police badge still pinned to his chest.

What the hell is going on? I wanted to scream. Six months ago dad was dad, he had been dad for 27 years now. Then things changed. He was never at home, when he was he was taking private phone calls and disappearing into the night. The only explanation he would give was, “It’s work”. We never questioned him, well I never questioned him. I mean he’s dad, why would I.  Well that was then and this is now. Things change, they have changed. Now my dead dad is standing toe to toe with me asking me to disappear. Disappear with him and thousands of dollars in a suitcase. Now questions needed to be asked.

He gives me one of his looks, the don’t go there looks. The look he would give a criminal when he has his gun in hand ready to shoot. “Now listen Jonathan, I have to go. I’m taking my case with me and asking you to come. You’re in deep now son and you never were much of a swimmer. You can stay here and struggle against the tide or come with me. Your choice” So many questions and obviously no time to ask. What do I do? Trust the man that raised me as his son? Stay and tell people he was here? No, no one would believe that. Would they? Stop him from leaving? So many questions and only one person who can answer them.  “Take what you want dad, take it and go.” I tell him.

He bends down to the case and starts to fill one of several bags he has with him.

The End

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