home safe and sound

Matt dropped me of and helped me up the stairs with the case. He lingered for a while and realized i wasn't going to open it with him there. he made me promise that I'd call him and tell him what it was as soon as i opened it, if i could open it. I agreed and he left.

Alone at last i had a coffee to warm up and a slice of toast. I couldn't take my eyes of the case sitting in the corner of my room. That's it that's my inheritance, whatever it is. The worry and ideas come back, what could it be? whats so important i can't tell anyone? Is this why my fathers dead? If so will i be next? After a few more minutes of panic i decided the only way to know is to look.

I walked over slowly, bent to see the combination lock and tried me dad's date of birth. Nothing, i tried my mums, again nothing. I tried mine, my brothers, my auntie pat's, still nothing. I decided to give Matt a call, i went down stairs to the phone. sitting there next to the phone was a picture of my dad, all smart in his police uniform, hat in hand. Thats it, it hit me like a hammer does a nail. his badge number it had to be. I run upstairs and tried his badge number in the lock. To my satisfaction or horror, I'm not sure but there was a click, the lock popped open.

I lifted the lid and inside was



The End

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