the door open

The door opened, at first the box seemed to be empty. i walked inside and turned in a circle, straining to see in the dark corners. I turned to Matt and was just about to say how i should of brought a torch. Something caught my eye, sitting just to the side of the front door was a suitcase. A plain, black, leather look suitcase with a silver combination lock on it. I bent down and tried to open it, it was locked. Matt bored of waiting outside walked in, "What you got?" he asked. I stood up so he could see.

"Well, you going to open it? (Like i said Matt asks a lot of questions). "I've tried but it's locked" i replied "and i have no idea what the combination is". "Try your dad's date of birth, or your mum's, maybe even yours". He volunteered. Not sure if i wanted Matt to see what was inside the case i made my excuses and told him i just wanted to get it home. "Suit your self" he said in a tone that implied he was disappointed. 

I bent to lift the case and found it weighed a tonne, embarrassed that i couldn't carry it i asked Matt for help. Grumbling he bent to test the weight, "God, what did he leave in here bricks?" He asked. "it certainly feels like it". We both laughed, it was the first time I'd laughed since my dad had been murdered. I'd thought I'd forgotten how to, it felt good to hear it. We took one end each and carried it back to the car, we somehow managed to lift it high enough to put in the back. Soaking wet and glad to be back in the dry, even if it was in Matt's bone shaking noise machine, we slowly made our way home.

The End

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