i decided to go alone

 Better alone than have anyone else laughing at me I decided. I jammed the key into the pocket of my jacket, I fought the urge to go home and change, my best suit made me feel like I stood out which was the last thing I wanted right now. I started walking towards my car, which I’d parked on the next street. Somehow the sporty yellow car had seemed a bit unfitting for a funeral. The old town was not somewhere I had visited often, infact I hadn’t been there since my childhood and could not imagine what could have possessed my father to use the lockboxes there when he had a perfectly good safe in his study. Perhaps he hadn’t realised I had grown out of treasure hunts years ago.

 I approached the car noting to my dismay that I seemed to have left the bonnet of the car popped, infact that was not all the doors seemed to have been forced open and the whole of my car ransacked. I stared in horror at the contents of my car, spilling onto the pavement ripped and destroyed, even the seats were gashed down the middle and the padding pulled out, I sat by the side of the road, shocked by the sight that met my eyes, was it mindless vandalism? Could someone really hate me so much to ruin my car as I mourned for my father? Or could it have been they were searching for the key? How could someone have found out so quickly that I had it?

 The mess was beginning to attract passers by and a gathering began to form around the car, nobody seemed to have noticed it was my car, I still had chance to slip away unseen.

The End

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