against my better judgement

Against my better judgment i decided to ask Matt to come with me. Matt was my best friend, he had been since we was three. He was the type of best friend you'd want, solid dependable, loyal, surprisingly intelligent and funny. His only flaw was that he asked way to many questions. He said that was the reason he was so knowledgeable.I disagreed, that was down to the discovery channel. He spent eight hours a day watching it.

It was Monday morning, wet, windy and Antarctic cold. I was wrapped up well in my ski jacket. My father had bought me it for Christmas the year previous. Matt turned up in joggers and a jumper he must of been freezing, i was, and i had a jacket on that made me look like the Michelin man. Matt being Matt he insisted he was fine. "I don't feel the cold" he said teeth chattering.  We got in Matt's monster truck of a car. It was a pick up, with raised suspension and what looked like tractor tires on it. god knows why Matt needed a car like that, he'd never taken it of road and was never likely to.

The Old Town Docks was not at all what it sounded like. Docks was a storage company and yes, it was in the old town, nothing to do with boats or shipping though. It was about a ten minute drive from my house, (well, my brothers house now). It's a good job it wasn't any further. I couldn't hear myself think over the roar of Matt's car, and thinking is something i needed to do. We pulled up outside, Matt sat looking at me, waiting. "Well" he said " we going in or what?" Stuck for a smart reply all i could manage was "i suppose so". We climbed down the steps of his huge truck and made or way to the reception. It seemed like i was taking two steps forward and one step back. The short walk seemed to take forever, and all the way there thoughts were running through my mind so fast i couldn't quite catch them. Snatches of one thought muddled with the next and that with the one after, none of them made any sense.

We reached the reception and i asked for directions to box  47. the dinosaur at the front desk looked up from a cloud of smoke, growled and pointed straight ahead. Me and Matt exchanged glances. Matt's seemed to be amused where as mine, probably, would of looked like I'd just messed my pants. We reached box 47, i stood outside looking at the doors. "They wont open themselves" said Matt "do you want me to come in?" he asked. I smiled and replied " no its OK Matt I wont be a second". I put the key in and turned it slowly hoping it wouldn't snap, it looked as old as the dinarsaur at the front desk. Flakes of rust fell from the key but it wouldn't budge. Matt always wanting to help pushed me out the way and grabbed the key. "you just need brute force" he said whilst i was trying to tell him to be careful. Before he had finished saying what he was there was a small "crack". Matt turned to me smiled and held out his hand, "sorry" he said showing me the head to the small rusty key. "Matt what the hell have you done?" I screamed at him, "how the hell am i suppose to get in there now?"  He shrugged his shoulders and tried the door.

The End

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