You are the only one I can trust with this burden

Dear Johnathan,


            First keep this key safe.20X14 Hide it and tell no one about it or what I write here. I’ve deliberated a long time, agonized over this decision. 6B74001You and I have never been close and that’s my fault, mine entirely. I’ve never understood you, that’s the problem; James is much more like me and I’ve always been one to choose the easier path.7U1109KJL You are different, and that’s a good thing. I thought about it, but in the end it was inevitable that I should choose you. James, for all his good points, for all that I love him, will only do what I did myself. I can predict his actions. Predict his failure, like my own.


            I’ve failed. I’ve put this off. JUKIL59PP It won’t wait any longer. Blame me; blame me for all of it. If I’d been a better man this would never have fallen to you.


            I can almost see your expression as you read this. FO95R4YGYY5 Maybe you’re thinking; Poor old Dad, he’s really lost it. I wish I had, son.


            You need to go to this address: Turnstile Lodge, Hobb’s End. It’s a small village in Shropshire. Go as soon as you can. Speak to my friend, Robert McCarthy. He’s been holding something for me – get it. When you have it you’ll know what to do next as there are more instructions. I know you’ll want to know why, but I trust you will put the pieces together yourself.TIH8 There’s nowhere I can relate the whole story Johnathan, nowhere.


            Please do this but be careful. I hate that I have to put you in this position.


            Do not - and I can’t emphasize this strongly enough – do not repeat this to anyone, not even James.OPO0091543188Z – 402679 - PP780


Again, I’m sorry. Stay safe. I love you.



The End

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