My fairytale!

I wrote this a while ago, its about a handsome prince called Jacob. This may have been based on the Jacob from twilight. Yes, I was a fag once.

Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince, that handsome prince is me, Prince Jacob.

We (me and my family) were happy once, until my father died I was 4 when it happened, and so my mother remarried. To a man called Stephan, evil king Stephan! (That’s what I call him anyway.) Before he came I had 6 brothers and 2 sisters, but now I only have 2 sisters. One by one as my oldest to my youngest of brothers went with the new King, They Started to not come back. I still remember all their names: Jack, Jamie, Jake, Josh, James and Matthew. Some times I think of Jamie, the oldest and bravest of them all, others I think of Jack, the youngest and weakest of them all, But mostly I think of Josh, he wasn’t strong nor weak, he was average but he was the best brother I could wish for, he was always kind to me and looked after me when father died.

But the weirdest thing was, He didn’t go with The Evil King he refused to, then the king took him on a walk. I didn’t see Josh again. So now all that’s left is me, Julie and Jasmin.

I think I forgot to mention where we live, but anyway we live on an island. But not your average island it’s the most beautiful island you’ve ever seen before, there is a lake surrounding us, it is beyond doubt wonderful. Talking of the lake me and Jasmin are going swimming today, she is 13 and I bought her a new swimming costume, we climbed the strongest tree and perched on the end of a branch. “1…2…3…DIVE!!” shouted Jasmin as we jumped of the end, it’s lucky the water is deep.

I swam all the way to bottom, I saw a strange shiny thing and tried to pull it out of the sea bed, it wouldn’t budge. I quickly swam up to the surface as I gasped for breath, “Jasmin, Jasmin! Are you there? Jasmin!!!” I screamed. I needed her help. I had a strange feeling about this and needed to know why!!  “I’m here, don’t worry. What is it? Are you O.k.?” She exclaimed. I answered “Yes I’m fine, I want to show something.”

“What is it?”

“At the bottom, come on” I answered as we began top swim downwards. I pointed at it when I saw it; we swam that little bit further and grabbed hold of it. SPLASH!I came out; we went hurtling to the surface, when we got up to the top we took a deep breath and started swimming to the surface edge, keeping hold tight of the mysterious oval object.

When we got home I quickly threw a towel over the object, I hid the oval object from everyone, the maid, the butler even my mum! The only people I told were my sisters; we walked into my room and placed it on the bed. I looked at it and realised it was a mirror, but I was soon to find out it was no ordinary mirror but a magic mirror!! I thought I was going barmy when I saw the reflection. It wasn’t mine, it wasn’t either of my sisters, it was… No. It can’t be. It’s just not…IT WAS JOSH!! I looked around franticly. “What? What is it?” Julie asked. She wasn’t near the bed but she leaped forward to see and when she did she stepped back. Her face pale white. We were at the door now. I heard a cough. Water splurged out of the mirror, face up on the bed. I got the towel I used earlier and wiped it down. I looked at the girls their mouth were wide open and they looked confused. But then, it spoke. It said “Well, don’t you know that staring is rude, close your mouths or a fly will fly in and you’ll have to eat a spider and so on ha ha ha” They immediately closed them. Julie plucked up the courage and began to say “Who…who or what are you”

“Well I’m quite surprised that you don’t recognise me and I am a person, flesh and blood. Well I used to be. I am Prince Dericus Polinus Antonius.”  He replied. I did not recognise the name but I somehow remembered the voice. Then he laughed. He said: “I’m not really. My name is Josh! Remember me now?” I nodded and smiled a massive smile. “What happened to you? I looked in the woods and around the castle but. Nothing!!” I put in, and so he replied “It was him. That evil king. When I refused to go into the woods after knowing what he did to our brothers, he took me away, into the castle dungeons he kept me there for about week. But I started to shout louder and louder until people asked questions, so he put me in here and threw me in the lake. That was 2 days ago! I’m surprised I’m still here!!” I was angry. No more than angry I was FURIOUS!!! That stupid old king has gone and tried to kill my best friend and brother! But then Jasmin butted in and asked: “Wait a sec. you know what happened to the others, please oh please tell us?”  I wondered why I didn’t ask him that, I was just so angry at King Stephan for doing that. But then it was weird, Josh’s face disappeared and a picture came up, It was of the king and Jack, on horses they were riding into the woods then josh spoke:  “When the king took hold of your kingdom he decided to get rid of your brothers. ”

The End

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