Distressed yet still smiling

A story of two who cant be apart yet just destroy each other, filled with pain, tears, anger and destructive love.

'Why are you being this way with me?' I raised my voice. I've done nothing wrong this time, i don't think.

'I am not being like anything.' She said calmly but you could sense the anger in her voice even still. She was in what i called, a huff. Her anger certainly wasn't controlled, certainly was unpredictable, and though ive known her for a long while now, years in fact, there was still that bit of fear towards her and her unpredictable anger. Even still i carried on defending myself. 'Your being huffy and off with me again.' and 'Why do you do this, its not fair!.'

'OH SHUT UP!.' She Shouted. Close to snapping any minute, but im angry now.

'NO, why should i!' i yelled back. She stands up and accidently spills a bottle of Wkd. 'Clean that up.'

I just stare at her. As per usual, just telling me what to do, not even a please slips from her pale thin lips. 

'please.' She says angrily. I kind off laugh at her request. Same old story here, always the same, winding each other up. I get up, and leave the room to find a towel. I hear her muttering to herself. I come back in, her eyes on me now.

'I'm sorry.' She mutters. 'Its fine, i'm sorry too.' She knows i am always going to accept her apoligy, no matter what. But this doesn't have to mean a single thing, she will no doubt still be huffy for at least another hour if she wanted, out of pure stubborness. 

'Do you want something to eat?' I say to her calmly. 

'No.' She bluntly replys to me. 'Switch my xbox on... please.' I do as she asks, and then hands her the controller, i shuffle out the room and proceed to clean the dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen, her kitchen, the kitchen with the dishes she will never clean unless shes really desprate. 

The End

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