You were my everything and now....Mature

The rage in my chest built as I kept on remembering all sorts of memories of how he said he "Had to go on patrol". When he was probably sneaking around with this new slut. That's when I made my decision.

 "Tiffany I need you to watch Devyn I need to go deal with my husband." My rage started to boil over before Tiffany could say anything I had left and was already inside the village searching for Taylor. I walked down about twelve little streets hearing the sound of venders calling out trying to sell me anything they had. But I didn't hear anything I was so pissed off at Taylor all I could think of was confronting him. Then I finally spotted his patrol and I made my way to them and threw myself in Taylor's face.

 "Rachel what are you doing here? you know it's dan-"

Before he could finish I had punched him in the face and he had fallen onto the ground. "Look I know you've been cheating  on me and I want to know two things. 1. Why and 2. Who's the slut?"

 "'I'm not cheating on you Rachel I never have and I don't plan on it," He said slowly climbing to his feet, "Who told you that I was?"

 " It's going all over the camp and I know it's true Taylor and yet," I was hardly keeping in my rage, "You have the nerve to lie right to my face." His eyes showed that what I said hurt him that I felt that way but I didn't care. "How do you think I feel knowing that both of my children are going to lose their father?" I stared expectantly but he said nothing but just gave me this look that said he was telling the truth. 

 "I'm sick of playing this stupid ass game," I slipped off my wedding band and tossed it on the ground in front of him, "We're over."

 "Rachel please you have to believe me I'm not lying," His deep blue eyes bore into me, "I don't want to lose you or my kids!"

He was going to say more when there was the rapid sound of gunfire and one of the soldiers next to him dropped dead with blood pouring out of about 12 bullet holes. Taylor ran at me and pushed me out of the way as a man in a turban shot in my direction he managed to evade the bullets and return fire killing the man. Tears trickled down my eyes out of fear and then I saw a man in a black turban coming towards me an evil maniacal smile on tanned, scarred face. I was on my feet trying to run when I saw him point his gun at me.

 "Well well a woman with child," His arabic accent didn't hide the evil in his voice, "Twice the reward for killing an american."

 I stood paralyzed in fear and I felt remorse and then I saw his finger pull the trigger and I readied myself for the end. It didn't come, all I heard was gun shots and felt myself being pushed away. In that instant the man was shot down and the rest fled and the whole of the squad squad moved over to where I had been only a second earlier. I turned and I saw something that almost made me pass out, there on the ground was Taylor bloody and unconcious having saved my life.

 In less than a minute we were back at the camp in the medical station with Taylor being checked out by nurses. While I waited outside I just sat there dumb struck, why would Taylor save me after everything I'd said? Suddenly one of the doctors came out looking grim. I just looked at him and I saw this look in his eye that made me completely break down all together. All the anger and hatred I'd felt was replaced with pain and sorrow.

 I finally worked up the nerve to go into the room to see Taylor but I wasn't prepared at all for what would happen next. The second I walked in Taylor opened his eyes and looked at me not with anger but with love. My heart finally gave way to all the emotions piling up inside me. I sank down onto my knees and started to sob when I felt his hand in mine. I looked up and he smiled weakly all the color drained from his face.

 "I'm sorry I have to leave you." He said truthfully and that just made me cry even harder than I already was.

 "Why- why did you save me?" I sobbed looking for answers.

 "Because I didn't want you or the baby to die." He replied with a small smile then he touched something into my hand and I looked at it and I saw his resignation slip.

 "I wanted to suprise you, make you happy we would finally be able to live back in our homeland, have a house, the kids would be able to go to school when they got older," He paused slightly, "That's what I wanted to tell you that night,not that I was leaving you I would never do that."

 With this I simply sobbed even harder as I realized that this meant. He hadn't betrayed me. It was the other way around, I had betrayed him.

 "Please Taylor tell me you can forgive me... for everything please." I asked tears streaming down my face.

 "I never held it against you Rachel," His breathing was beginning to slow as he made me promise him something "Rachel promise me- promise me that you'll take care of both of our kids please I need you to promise me that."

 "I promise you I will." I said the words hardly heard through the sobs. A look of peace passed his face as he uttered these words with his last breath.

 "I love you don't ever forget that, and you're the only one I've ever loved." He said looking at me as his heartbeat stopped when I wish it could've been mine. Thinking that now it would have been better for everyone.


The End

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