The Truth is Closer than it seemsMature

 I walked back into the bunk room where Devyn was sitting with my nurse friend, Tiffany, who was playing a game of patty cake with the blond little boy. He looked just like his dad, same hair and strong facial features, (though they were slightly chubbier since he was only a year old). He giggled when he saw me and I smiled, wholeheartedly happy to see my little boy, then the thorns wrapped tighter round my heart.

 Devyn might lose his father, if this was all true.

 I shook the thought away as I eased myself down on the bed, my throbbing baby belly making it somewhat awkward, and then painful when the baby kicked me right in the bladder. Devyn held out his arms for me to hold him, so I lifted him up and gave him his bottle, which he immediately started to guzzle down, he didn't whine though, he was always such a good boy.

 I turned to my closest friend, the thorns beginning to make my heart bleed, I had to trust her, I had to see what she thought about all this...

 "Hey Tiffany I... I need to ask you something, it... it's important." I said shaking as Devyn looked at me his blue eyes shining happily.

"Sure what do you need?" She looked over, curiously cocking her head as her sandy blond pony tail fell over her shoulder. Her scrubs were clean, as there were never a large number of injuries other than the occasional scrape, and maybe a case of the flu on occasion.

"Do think Taylor's cheating on me?" I turned to her, the only voice I thought I could trust. "It's just I overheard people saying that he was seeing another woman, when he was out at night on a patrol..."

 Tiffany sighed softly, as Devyn squirmed slightly in my grip.

"Well I didn't want to say anything but... He probably is, I mean," she paused trying to think of how to put it, "He's out all the time mostly at night and he doesn't really spend too much time with you when he's here. I've actually seen him with a woman before, at the gates when he was out." I looked down in shock and Devyn let go of his bottle and climbed up and I patted his back slowly as I let what Tiffany had said sink in.

 That's when I remembered the last time we had really been able to talk. He had just gotten back from his patrol shift, he had come in to get something to eat and Devyn was asleep so we just talked for a while. We had become slightly distant, and I needed to reconnect, I felt. He started saying that he needed to tell me something important, but before he could tell me what it was we were interrupted by a bunch a smart ass soldiers coming in drunk, and cussing up a storm. Which ended up waking Devyn, who started immediately started crying. 

  Whatever it was he needed to say, I knew he wouldn't get the chance to say it. I was going to pry the truth out of him and there was no way in hell I was going to let him open his mouth and lie to me.  If I would've known then, what I know now...... maybe I would've listened to what he had to say. Maybe I wouldn't have ruined my own life.

The End

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