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Rachel has what seems to be a perfect life, perfect husband, father of her one year old son and her soon to be son and fighting for there country at the same time. But it's all about to be shattered by a rumor that her husband is having an affair and will leave before their new child will be born. Rachel wants the truth and she will find it, but she will lose something she can never get back in the process.

 Have you ever wished you could redo life? Wash away all the mistakes you've made? That's the only thing I feel anymore. After having something I can't live without ripped away from me in cold strife. Pain is now the defining attribute of my life, because that's all I feel, and that's all I create. Funny how that can happen when you think you're going to be such a great person

 It all started in that stupid hell hole of a military camp in Texas. My husband Taylor always out on patrol or training exercises,  I stayed and helped the nurses every now and then, while taking care of my son Devyn and waiting for the new baby to come. I can remember that day; it was hotter than hell and windy, kicking up dust like God was bored and decided to kick the sand up to make clouds. I was walking into the mess to get Devyn a bottle when I heard the chef's hammy voice whispering softly to a soldier.

"Did you hear about lieutenant Stone meeting with that local woman?" He asked raising a bushy eyebrow revealing dark brown eyes.

"No I didn't hear about that at all," The soldier whispered back, "What happened?"

The chef cleared his throat  "I heard the other night that he left his wife here while he went out to dinner with that woman."

 He was going to say more when he saw me and I gave him this glare that could have freezed the sun where it stood high in the sky. He immediately backed up while I got the bottle out of one of the cabinets. The thought that Devyn could be cheating on me fully entered my mind at this point. Foolishly, foolishly I let the seed of doubt grow. Doubt of his faithfulness, doubt of his love, even doubt that I was good enough for him.

It grew into nothing but thorns that would wrap around my heart and squeeze away the life from me.

The End

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