the truth

i was thinking and i realized the truth of the matter i hope u dont cry at this but i felt it needed to be said i didnt leave you for katie when we first started dating my main thing i wanted to do was try and fix you. and i tried and i fell in love along the way. well in the process of fixing you... i broke i couldnt handle everything and then i moved away. i have to fix myself from the 8 years of torment that heather put me through when i started to do that i began to become the REAL me again and that real me isnt the guy i had been. mostly im still the same guy but looking back at how i treated you disgustes me i was extremely disrepectful to you and you let me walk all over you and im glad to hear youre getting better bet this wont help but i need to get this off my chest.. i felt like i was the only one carrying our relationship. i want you to know i care about you but im realizing that the guy ive been aint who i want to be so im sorry for wasting a year of your life i hope i did some good and dont worry ill be fine you should move on and have a great life you have tons of potential go steal the show forget about me

The End

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