felling like crap and being confused

when i moved back i started hanging out with katie more than anyone else.. it felt right... i was so confused my girlfriend was at the state fair and i didnt want to drop a bomb on her when she was at the fair she confronted me about what i was thinking about, i had been thinking for a few weeks about many things katie her and most of all me. when she got home i felt like crap but i knew the right thing to do was tell her i contacted her and said that i loved her which i still do but that i also liked katie alot. i hadnt been planning on breaking up with her but i didnt know what to do so i asked her if wed every be the same way she said probably not so i ended it... the hardest decision of my life by far i ended it and deleted her from my contacts and blocked her on facebook and i hoped shed move on and be happy i only blocked her because i cant stand to think about her it makes me want to hurt myself, so i avoid contact with her, i know her friends and family probably hate me now but i did what i think is right and i hope she gets over me. shes still an angel in my eyes and shes still all the stuff i called her but its over now i held up my end of the bargain but i was stressed out and always worried now im more relaxed and i have been having fun and i know she will read this and i hope she knows i am sorry about how it ended but things changed and i tried to make it work when i moved but i realized it never would expessially with her parents so im sorrry but i had too its time for you and i to split ways and move on i know you said you wouldnt be able too but you will eventually and yes i know i sound like a dick right now i hope that helps you get over me. and katie wasnt the only reason i broke up with you. honestly im a horrible person and you deserve better so i said bye i will keeep your secrets and i hope you keep mine 

from him </3

The End

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