my end of the bargain

that day we met started off as a normal day got to church and saw you standing there i was laughing and joking like normal but i could tell you were different i instantly liked you. you soon texted me after that day  i was at a school funtion and hid in the bathroom just to text you,  months went by we texted none stop untill june 21st when i got the courage to ask you out. i finnally did and we had become boyfriend and girlfriend. i promised you alot of things and i ment every promise i made,  and i had planned to keep them. around the 6th month mark i gave you a promise ring and told you one day id replace it with a wedding ring and at the time i fully planned to, months pased and everything was goood wwe hit one year which was great i got us matching neckalaces and surprised her. everything was great, then i moved back to my hometown i had nothing to do except hang with my old friends when i could and think.

The End

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