My Encounter With Shakespeare: "What's there in a name?"

This a really fun story, a simulation of my encounter with William Shakespeare...or is he?

I ordered another large Coke. I like drinking it. More than that, I love looking at passerbies through the glass window.

I sipped on my Coke, staring outside as usual. There were many couples roaming around, in the midst of them I noticed a very peculiar man, very peculiar indeed!

He had a thinning hairline, long hair and looked like a bard. Except me, no one else seemed to notice him. I decided to follow him.

He was walking quickly. I followed him until he reached the local stage theatre. Checking around for security, I followed him inside. My doubts were beginning to come true. Theatre? This man is William Shakespeare!

I couldn’t stop myself. I barged into his room. He fell off his chair in fright when I thundered in. With shaking hands, I helped him up.

“Oh my god,” I shouted “You must be William Shakespeare!” He just nodded, too shocked to reply. “You are known all over the globe!” I shrieked.

He gestured to a chair beside his own. I excitedly sat down. He wasn’t ready to speak; I went on “You have sold 4 billion copies of your work, second in sales only to the Holy Bible! Your work has been translated into every language to grace this world! I know you weren’t appreciated in your life…but now you are the hero!”

He still acted like he didn’t hear me.

A bit frustrated, I got up and shook him by his shoulder “I admire every work you have written, but I don’t understand one thing,” I went back to my seat, I was now facing him “What were you thinking when you said ‘What’s there in a name?”

“I mean we all know you as William Shakespeare, and the moment we hear the name, a flash crosses our minds of the greatest legend ever in Literature, and we don’t know you as Balding Bard do we?”

I took a deep breath and went on “A name is a person’s identity, something people know you by, like my name is Rikki and I want to see my name printed across books…I love it! Do you realize how famous you are?”

He was still showing no signs of speech or emotion. At that moment, the stage manager walked in, he didn’t pay me any attention “Hey Alistair, get ready for the show!”

I looked at him in surprise; he smiled broadly, showing large yellow teeth “Hi, I am Alistair D’Souza, it was nice to meet such a huge Shakespeare fan in today’s world. I’ve got some work to do, you can always find me here, come to meet me some time, you’re welcome!”

He extended his hand to me and I shook it, but frankly speaking, I wanted to break his teeth and pull his hair out at that moment.

From the bottom of my heart I knew I wasn’t meeting him for the last time.

The End

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