Drinking, Parties, and BreakdownsMature

Chapter 5

*~*Aiden's P.O.V*~*

"Dude, there's this awesome new club that just opened, like last week. It's called Uncaged or something like that. We should go!" exclaimed Leo from the passenger seat.

We were sitting in my black Porsche driving...well....no where really, we're just driving. I still couldn't get the image of Adelaide performing out of my head. Maybe clubbing is exactly what I needed. "Sure, let's go," I said nonchalantly. What? This isn't the first time I've been to a club.

"WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" whooped Leo stretching his arm up to touch the ceiling, and hovering slightly over the seat.

"Alright dude, calm down," I said chuckling. "Where the hell is this place anyway?"

"Give me a sec," Leo said before tapping the screen on his iPhone.

Yeah, clubbing will help me get my mine off of her. Damn, I haven't even met her, and she is driving me crazy. What the fuck is wrong with me? Me, the Aiden, is obsessing over a girl. No, I'm not, it's always the opposite. The girls obsessed over me, not vice versa.

"Dude! Aiden!"

"Huh, wha, yeah?" I asked Leo who just interrupted my thinking process.

"Yeah, make a U turn at the next light, then make a right two lights after. It should be on the left."

"Ok, let's have some fun," I said looking over at a smirking Leo, and I returned his smirk with my signature smirk.


I was about to get to the end of the line, but Leo kept on walking towards the front, passing the incredibly long line of people. Damn, didn't this club open like last week, how did it become so poplular so quicikly? Whatever, that just means more girls, and even better, more drunk girls.

I smirked to myself as some really big dude dressed in black pulled the red velvet rope to let Leo and I in. "Why were we able to skip everyone?" I whispered as we entered the club.
Leo just smirked at me and replied, "What can I say, I have connections."

Shrugging it off I finally took in the club scene around me. This place was fucking awesome! The bass was shaking the whole place, and the bodies on the dance floor meshed together and moved to the rhythm. There were lights flashing everywhere, and those weird beady things were hanging from the ceiling, along with lights. There were tables with poles on them, and random drunk girls were dancing on them like there was no tomorrow.

I smirked and made my way over to the bar, with Leo in tow. Once we took some open stools, one of the guy bartenders came up and asked, "What can I get you?"

"One beer." I said while still occupied with looking around the club.

"Two shot glasses, and a bottle of your best vodka," Leo stated next to me.

"Can I see some I.D.?" Ugh, the ususal, I nonchalantly pulled mine out of my wallet and plece it on the counter. Leo did the same, as the bartender examined them in the air. Handing them back satisfied, he walked away to get our orders.

As the bartender returned and placed our drinks in front of us, Leo turned to me and said,

"Dude, your soon to be fiancee is here as well."

What!? Shock filled me as I turned to look towards the entrance where Leo was watching one of her friends.

"Wow," I said while gulping down my beer. "I didn't take her as a partier." It was the truth, she seemed like too much of a goody two shoes.

"Hell, I didn't either. But are you gonna talk to her?" Leo turned to me expectantly.

Shaking my head, placing down my beer glass, and standing up I said, "Nah, I think I'll keep her guessing. Plus, I want to see if she'll really get drunk." I started to walk into the crowd of dancing people leaving Leo behind. Within seconds of dancing, two girls were grinding me. Oh how tonight was gonna be fun, I thought mischeviously.

*~*Adelaides P.O.V*~*

Haley, Zoey, Jeff, Seth (AN: this was Mason in chapter 4, but i forgot about the pac sun guy, so Mason is now Seth. get it, got it, good) and I were standing in the enterance of one the hottest clubs in town. Uncaged. We're gonna celebrate. We really have nothing to celebrate, I mean, me leaving is really a sad thing, but tonights gonna be a night to remember. Unless we get crazy drunk and hung over that we forget everything like last time. I barely remember how I got everyone home last time. And yes, I drove somewhat drunk. But I like to look at it as half sober, not half drunk.

Jeff and Hayley led the way to the bar, while Zoey, Seth and I followed. Seth, being the guy that he is, put his arm around mine and Zoey's shoulder. "So," he started, "your driving home right?" directing the question towards me.

We had reached the bar, and Jeff had heard. "Well no shit Seth, she's the best drunk driver we got."

"Hey, hey, hey," I started slowly. "Let's not call it drunk driving, I like to look at it as driving half sober." Everyone started cracking up as one of the bartenders came over to us.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night Addy," chimed in Zoey while fishing for her fake I.D. We all mimicked her, and held up our I.D's in unison to the guy behind the counter. He nodded before asked, "What can I get you."

Jeff looked at everyone, all we did was nod. "Beers for everyone, and a bottle of Smirnoff." (AN: I don't drink, I'm not even sure what kind of alcohol that is, but it sounds cool :P)
I guess you could say this isn't the first time we've done this. What can we say, we like to have fun.


Ugh, my head was throbbing, and I just threw up. I think it was past midnight. Whatever, I just have to focus on getting everyone home in one piece. Zoey and I stumbled out of the club giggling. I don't even remember what's so funny, I just want to giggle.

"You know what's a funny word?" I asked in a slurred tone.

"What?" asked Zoey, obviously interested.

I started to giggle just from thinking of the word. "What is it Addy?" slurred Zoey.
I started giggling, I managed to say, "Giggle," before bursting out laughing again. Zoey laughed along with me.

Then we saw the guys and Hayley waiting for us outside. Hayley and Jeff were making out again, like they always do when they're drunk, and then claim it's a fling the next day, even though they're perfect for each other. And then there was Seth, who was standing there, back turned to us.

"Seth" I screamed jumping on his back. I heard an 'oomph' as he almost fell forward. But he caught his balance, and grabbed my legs to stop me from choking him. We did this all the time, he always gave me piggy back rides.

Seth began walking towards the car, stumbling a little. I turned to Zoey, "Hey, Zoe, get Hayley and Jeff to stop sucking face, we gotta go!" And that's when something hard hit Seth and I, almost sending me down to the concrete of the sidewalk.

Seth stumbled a bit, but turned to face the thing he ran into. It was this really hot dude. Hey, I may be half sober, but I still know a hot guy when I see one. "Watch where you're going!" he said rather rudely.

What the fuck! He has no right to talk to us like that! I jumped off of Seth's back, and stumbled over to this hot dude. "Hey!"

The dude turned to look at me with a strange look on his face. "What?"

I stumbled again on my own feet and just when I thought I was gonna hit the concrete two blurry arms went beneath my elbows and caught me. Oh thank god, Seth is sober enough! I was staring at a button down shirt, and the smell of cologne was intoxicating. Well, I already am pretty intoxicated, but you get what I mean. Wait, that's not Seth's shirt, or his cologne. Groaning, I realized the hot dude caught me. Great, just great. How am I supposed to be mad at a guy who could have just practically saved my life.

I looked up, and our eyes met. His eyes looked like they were filled with....concern? I blinked, and his face got blurry, and a strong arm was pulling me away from him. "Someone's a little tipsy aren't they?" sneered the hot dude and then did that guy handshake thingy they do when they burn someone with the guy standing next to him. Or atlest that's what it looked like.

I turned to to face them, almost fell, caught myself, and then said loudly, "Fuck you!"

"Ok, where? My car's right there, we could pull into an alley, or you can come to my place," he said with a mischevious grin.

"Dude, that's you car? That's one fucking awesome porsche!" screamed Jeff. I looked and saw his car parked right infront of mine.

But why did Jeff have to be so loud, he knows I have to drive? I rubbed my forehead before speaking. "Jeff, volume, I still have to drive. And you," I said pointing to the hot dude whos name I still don't know. I think I'll just call him hot dude from here on out, except not out loud. "Your rich huh? What, is it all your daddy's money? Well, you know what? Why don't you fuck off, and go do one of your whores!"

"Addy, just let it go. I want to go, and your our only way home," slurred Seth.

Huffing, I pulled my keys out of my back pocket, "Fine." I walked around to the drivers door, and just before I was gonna get in the hot dude said something.

"Wait, your actually gonna let her drive? She can barely even stand straight!" he exclaimed.

Seth had taken the keys from me, and started the car while I stood there with the door open, Seth opened the moon roof and stuck his upper body out, and Jeff was practiaclly hanging out of the backseat window. "Hey, she's one of the best drunk drivers we know." deffended Jeff.

"I thought we already discussed this, it's not drunk driving, it's driving half sober." Wait, why am I still here arguing with this guy? Before hopping into the drivers seat I flipped them off, and put the car into gear.

Smirking, I turned around and asked, "How much do you think he loves his porsche?"

I didn't even wait for an answer. I was parallel parked, so I backed up, and then rammed my front bumper into his back one. I was laughing, and I heard Seth say something from the moon roof along the lines of, "Fuck off bitches!"

I glanced at my rear view mirror, and instead of seeing his reaction, I just saw two blurs. Damn this half soberness of mine!

Seth and Jeff got completley back in the car, and we started laughing so hard until we finally got to Jeff's house first to drop him off. Of course Hayley went with him, if you know what I mean.

Then I dropped off Zoey, and then Seth. When I finally pulled up to my house, all the lights were off. My mom must be asleep. Getting out of the car, I staggered to the front door, and dragged myself up the stairs. My stomach started to churn again, and I ran to the bathroom and puked out my guts.

When I opened the door to my room, I saw all my suitcases all over the floor, and all my stuff packed in boxes. My heart fell. I'm getting married to some guy I've never met before! I collapsed on my bed for the last time, and started bawling my eyes out. The last thing I remember seeing was my alarm clock's bright neon light saying it's 3:30 AM.

The End

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