Aiden Finds OutMature

Chapter 3

*~*Aiden's P.O.V*~*

My eyes were slowly flickering open. There was a loud banging in the distance. As my eyes opened more, the noise got louder. God, what the fuck is that! My hand flew to my forehead, due to the throbbing pain. And that when I realized that I hed a hangover. I was getting random flashes from last night, as my brain was having issues deciphering what happened last night. A grin spread across my face, that was one sickass party. The best ones are the ones that you can't remember.


There was still a banging only this time there was a voice with it. "Aiden, wake up, and open this god damn door!" yelled my dad. Each sound above a whisper sending a fresh pang of throbbing pain through my head. I slowly rolled out of my giant bed, and literally dragged myself to my door. What the hell could be want this early?
Clad in just my boxers, I unlocked the door and swung it open. "Yes," I said.

"Were you still asleep?" he asked. I barely heard him though, I stretched one of those stretches that you hear a loud ringing in your ears.

Rubbing my eyes trying to see clearly, I looked at my dad. He was dressed in another one of his expensive black suits. Leaning on the door frame I asked, "What time is it?"

He gave me a quizzical look. "Quit slurring your words Aiden and enunciate!" he screeched.

"Aaahhhhh!" I said clutching my head. "Don't scream, it hurts. And I asked what time is it?"

"It's 3 in the afternoon," he stated. Damn I slept for a long time...I think. Wait, when did I get home last night? Whatever, I should probably listen to what he's saying. "Hurry up and get dress, and come straight to my study. You're having breakfast with Charles and I, we have to talk to you." With that said he just turned on his heel and walked away.
I unattached myself from the door frame I was using as support, and shut the door. God, he probably want to talk more business. I get it, I'm taking over the business!

I staggered over to my bathroom that I shared with an empty room. I quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth with cold water.

Okay, I'm a little but more awake. Slowly walking over to my dresser, I opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of skiny jeans at random, threw on a gray v-neck, laced up my converse. Standing in front of my mirror I ran a comb through my messy black hair. My emerald green eyes were visible just below my hair ended. I smiled to myself revealing my dimples. They were the many reasons girls loved me. My eyes, my dimples, and my smooth charm. I wasa triple threat, and every girl fell for it.

Walking over to my nightstand, I grabbed my phone and noticed a bunch of texts and voicemails from people about the party last night. One that caught my eye was Leo called three times. What the fuck could be so important? So I hit send and slowly made my way out of my room to my dad's study.

After two rings he picked up. "DUde, what the hell? You finally woke up?" he asked on the other end.

"Yeah, I probably would have slept longer but my dad woke me up. He want's to talk to me," I replied emphasizing the word talk. "So, what's up dude, why'd you call three times?"

"Yeah, do you remember what you were about to do last night?" he asked almost hysterically.

"Honestly man, I don't remember anything. But you know what I say, the best parties are the ones that you don't remember," we said in unison as I smiled to myself. What could I have possible almost done that was so horrible.

"Yeah, yeah," Leo said slightley annoyed. "No, but Susan tried to hook up with you And me being your best friends, and barely sober, but not quite drunk, I meddle and got her away from you."

I stopped dead in my tracks. Susan. My heart ached, but was slowly replaced with anger. What the fuck! "Whoa! That slut! Just because things aren't working our for the Jarred she left me fore, doesn't mean she can coming back to me when I'm drunk!"

"I totally agree," said Leo on the other end, equally outraged. "I believe thanks are in order." he said cockily.

Chuckling to myself, I thanked him. "Thanks Leo, I don't know what I'd do without you."

"No problem, and what are friends for?" he asked jokingly.

"Exactly this. Alright, anyway, I gotta go talk to my dad. See ya."

"Good luck with your dad," said Leo before hanging up.

Putting my ohone away, I knocked on my dad's oak door. "Come in Aiden," came his voice from the other side of the door. I quickly opened the door and walked in. Charles and my dad were behind his desk waiting for me. I sighed, walking over to an arm chair with with a coffee table in front of it, with food! There was toast, and marmalade, and scrambled eggs. And aspirin! God I need aspirin, my head is pounding.

Plopping down on the chair, and propping my feet up on the ottoman, I started to devour the eggs. I didn't realize how hungry I was until I saw the food.

"Aiden," my dad spoke ad I was halfway through the eggs. "We're not here to talk business, we're here to talk about your future."

I gave him a puzzled look as he got up from his desk and walked over to the sitting area and sat on the couch across from me. What the hell was he talking about? My future is business, I thought he made that very clear. Charles sat next to him, with a very thick manilla folder in his hands. "What are you talking about, I thought business was my future?" I finally asked sitting back in my seat after taking a sip of the water.

"Okay, Aiden," my dad degan, closing his eyes, and sighing. When he opened his eyes, he continued. "Look, son, there's no easy way to put this. So I'm just gonna come out and say it cause your my son. You're in an arranged marriage. Her name is Adelaide Trinity. I spoke to her yesterday, and she will be having dinner here on Friday wither her mother."
What the fuck!?!?! Did he just say what I think he said? No way in hell am I in an arranged marriage. So I said the only thing that came to mind. "No."

My dad looked at me, I was furious. I didn't want to marry some stranger I didn't even know, or even love. "You will marry her," said my dad. "If you don't, you'll be breaking the law, yes it's a legal document."

I sighed, I break laws all the time, drinking, drinking and driving, and bunch of other stuff. But there's no way I'm winning this one, it's me against my dad. "Can I meet her atlest?" I asked.

"You'll meet her on Friday. She's going to be staying with us until the wedding at the end of the summer. She'll attend Northern Cascade University with you," he stated.
I can't believe it, I'm actually letting my dad get me married. "What do you know about her?" I asked, finally giving in.

Charles handed me he thick folder he was holding. Damn. Either she was an over achiever, or a criminal, and I had a feeling it was the first one. God, I hope she's not ugly.
Placing the folder on the table, I flipped it open. The first paper of the pile was what looked like a college acceptance letter. It read:

Ms. Adelaide Trinity, you have been formally accepted to Juliard, School of the Performing Arts on a full scholoarship.
SHe's going to Juliard?" I asked aloud. But, then how is she going to NCU?

"No, she turned it down," answered Charles. Who the hell turns down Juliard? I read on, flipping through the sheets of paper. She dances, draws, sings, palys guitar, and piano. She maintained a 4.0 GPA thoughout high school and graduated valedictorian. She even ran for class president. And she turned 18 in November.

I flipped another page, and my breath caught in my throat at what I saw, she was....beautiful. I know that's weird for a guy to say, but she was hot! There was something about her that made her mesmerizing. Maybe it was her eyes, I don't know why, but I didn't want to look away. Flipping through the many pictures of her, some where of her walking down the street, others of her warking at what looked like Pac Sun. There was even one of her singing and shaking her head in her car with some other hot girl next to her doing the same. I chuckled to myself at how cute that was, but instead I asked "She works at Pac Sun?"

"Worker," answered my dad. "I told her to quit. She doesn't need to work, she's going to be a Norrington."

I looked back down at the way she held herself when she walked. She looked confident, yet shy and modest. I hope she doesn't think she's all that. I cann't deal with another girl like that. Especially not one that I have to marry. Well, all I have to do is get her in bed, and she'll be eating out of the palm of my hand. And I'd be able to do whatever the hell I want.

I glanced back down at her picture, looking her body up and down, pausing for a few extra seconds at her chest. At least I was going to enjoy this.
"Aiden," my dad said, snapping me out of my fantasy. "I hope you understand why I'm doing this. Adelaide will bring glory to our name. Not only that, but when you take over the business, you're going to need someone respectable, intelligent, and dependable at your side. And this is that girl."

Sighing, I asked, "Do I have a choice?"

"No," he said bluntly. "If you want to see her in person before Friday, on Thursday, she's performing at a local coffee shop. I'll take you, but you can't say a word to her. She'll be nervous enough on Friday. I personally want to know how well she sings."

"Why would I want to go if I can't even talk to her?" I inquired. Seriously, I need to start working my charm.

"Son," started my dad, "I'm giving you an advantage. You'll know what yo expect. For all she knows, you could be fat and ugly."

He's got a good point. Plus, I am curious to see how she sings as well. I mean, since I used to be in a band, and was lead singer, I'm pretty in tune with pitched. Nodding my head, I said, "Sure, I'll go."

"Great," said my dad smiling. "Be ready to leave by six, it's an hour drive, and she starts at 7."

This is really going to be interesting, hmmmm, maybe I could being Leo.

The End

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