My Drunken Father's SecretMature

Adelaide Trinity was finally learning how to take life one step at a time. Now, in one week, her whole world is turned upside down because of a document that her late father signed. She's fulfilling promises for her sake, and her mothers, in a strangers home. Thrown into the midst of wedding cakes, and white gowns, Addy might just fall in love, and find out a secret that could change the way she looks at herself, her life before, and her future.

*~*Third P.O.V*~*

Every step echoeing through the marble floors of the long hallway. Charles Simmons walked down to the end of the hall, stopping only in front of the door that he wished to gain entrance to. Standing in the shadows of the hallway, he knocked tentatively on the large oak door. "Come in," rang Michael Norrington's voice.

Opening the door, Charles walked in, and gently shut the door behind him. "Hello Michael."

"Yes, Charles, you said there was something you needed to ask me in person?" asked Michael.

"Yeah, something came to my attention while I was looking through your files, and I was wondering if you could explain it to me," said Charles while placing his briefcase on the edge of Michael's cheery wood desk, adorned with stunning hand made carvings.

Michael looked up at Charles with skeptisim painted plainly on his face. "You are aware Charles, that as my attorney you should be explaining things to me?" asked Michael, before taking the yellowed document from Charles outstrecthed hand.

"Well, it's notorized and signed by a judge, so I just want to know if you want to follow through," stated Charles.

Adjusting his glasses Michael gazed down at this document, and a smile stretched across his thin lips. "What is it Michael?"

"This," said Michael gesturing to the document, "is what my good ole' pal Steven Trinity left behind."

"I don't quite get it Michael."

*~*Adelaide's P.O.V*~*

Beep.Beep.Beep.Beep. Ugh, I hate alarm clocks, they're so freaking annoying. Groaning, I turned over on my bed, and slammed my hand on the snooze button and then turned it off. Squinting in the morning sunlight shining in my room, I looked at the time, not quite comprehending the time. 6:15. What the hell does that mean to me? Let's see, it's Monday, I just graduated from Summerton Hills High School on Saturday morning, and I have work. Shit! I have work! My eyes widened as I shot out of bed, and ran to the bathroom, and turned the shower on full blast.

After showering, I threw on some dark skinny jeans, and an All Time Low T-shirt. I ran down the stairs, my long dark brown hair bouncing around behind me with every step I took. I didn't have time to straighten my hair this morning, obviously. So it was natural. My hair is natuarlly straight, but it has a weird curve that bugs me, so I straighten it. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I grabbed my blue converse that were sitting by the front door, and jogged my way to the kitchen. "Hey mom," I said as I sat down and started putting on my converse. "Thanks for waking me up," I said sarcastically.

My mom gave me a a confused look, which became understanding the moment she saw that I was fully dressed. "I'm sorry Adelaide, I didn't know you had work today," she said apolegtically.

"It's okay, but I gotta run. And just so you know, I increased my hours at Pac Sun. I'm working 5 days a week, 8 hours a day."

A worried expression crossed her face. I sighed, here it comes, the lecture. "Adelaide, sweety, are you sure you can handle all this? I mean with the dance lessons, and piano practice, and your performances at the coffee shop. Are you sure you're not putting too much on your plate?"

Typical mom. Yeah, she's like my best friend, but she know when to be a mom. "I'll be fine, school books don't pay for themselves you know," I said with a smirk. Grabbing a slice of toast off the kitchen table, I walked to my mom, and pecked her on the cheek. "I'll see you," I started, calculating the extra time I would have at the dance studio. "Say 5-ish. Kay? Bye mom."

"Love you sweety," she called after me.

"Love you too mom," I yelled back before shutting the front door, and stepping out onto our porch. I jogged around the house to our garage. Yes, our garage isn't connected to our house. My mom and I live in this old victorian style homes. The one with the funky colors. Well, ours isn't that funky, it has maroon, and navy blue trim, with cream colored siding. It's a big house, especially for just my mom and I. But we can't sell it, it's just so charming. Plus my dad rennovated it before he died when I was 14. His liver failed. He was a drunk, theres no kind way to put it, he was, I thought as I sat in my beat up Toyota Corolla. It's what he was, plus I didn't even like my dad, he didn't even like me. I don't know why, I guess I just wasn't the son that he always wanted. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to give me away as a kid. Well, I'm 18 now, I'm an adult, and he's dead.

Pulling into the mall parking lot, I parked in the first spot I found. It was kinda in the back, but I was a dancer for crying out loud. My legs can handle it. Plus, it irritates me when people drive around for 5-10 mins looking for a parking spot up front thinking it's going to save them time, when really parking in back would be a lot faster. Glancing at the car clock before taking the key out of the ignition, I was seriously rethinking that parking peeve of mind. Bolting out of my car, I practically ran all the way to Pac Sun through the crowds of people in the mall.

Once I saw the lit up sign that was Pac Sun's I was in a full out sprint. I was already five minutes late. I couldn't be any more late if I didn't want to get fired. As I entered the store and ran into a mass of green and dark blue. We had both fallen, him backwards, spilling a bunch of the stores clothes, and me foward on top of him. I looked up to see the bewildered face of my best guy friend, Seth Mcguire. When our eyes me, bewilderment became understanding. He looked at me chuckling and and said, "You know, I kinda like this position."

I gave him a look that only made him laugh more. Hitting him on the chest I said, "Perv."

As I got off of him as quickly I could, Seth cupped his hand around his ear and said, "What'd you say, I didn't quite catch that?"

Dusting off imaginery dust from my knees, I replied, "Shut up Seth. I have to go clock in before Andy finds out I'm late."

As I helped Seth gather the clothes from the floor he said, "I already did that for you. You were late, so, consider it a favor." He shrugged and continued picking up the unscanned garments from the floor.

I looked at him in shock and gratitude. "Are you even allowed to do that?" I questioned.

Seth shrugged his shoulders again. " I don't know," he said and then chuckled. "You know how I am, as long as I don't get caught, any things alllowed."

I laughed at that and said, "Well, thanks Seth." And walked to the back counter to get my name tag. The rest of the 8 hours at work went by like that. Seth and I cracking jokes, and getting on each other's nerves, and then laughing about it ten minutes later. That's just how we are, Seth's been my best friend since middle school. Actually, I've had the same four friends since middle school because they all know everything about me. I trust them with everything, even my life. They even know what happened before my dad dies. I think that's part of the reason we got so close.

*~*Michael's P.O.V*~*

Steven Trinity. He was a characteer in High School. Always getting in trouble for something or other. Now, his wife, Audrey Trinity was the total opposite. She followed the rules and was very bright. God knows how they got together. I sighed, but it's too bad about what I might have to do to her daughter if she doesn't cooperate. Looking around the room, I thought of the life of luxury I'm living, I have a different car for different car for different type of events, I own multiple million dollar homes around the world. Steven could have made something of himself, and paid me back later. But no, he deicides to spend it the money on drugs and alcohol, and he signs his daughter away to me. No wonder he died young.

I wonder what she could do. Well, I can't have her be a nanny. Aiden or Nicole don't have any kids. SHe could be a maid, or maybe a cook. Whatever it is, she will be working for a long time to pay off her fathers debt.

A knock on the door interuppted my thoughts. "Yes, come in," I said, waiting to see the face behind the knocker.

"Hello Michael," came Charles voice.

"Ahh, good it's you. Do you have everything?" I asked. I needed to know.

"Yes," Charles hesitated, God, I hated it when he did that, can't he just say it. "I think you'll be do you put it, shocked when you see it."

"Well, hand it over. Everything. Full name, age, education, banking info. I want to know everything about her."

As I skimmed the documents, Charles repeated the basics out loud. "Name: Adelaide Victoria Trinity, Age: 18, graduated valedictrorian of Summerton Hills High School. Attending Summerton Hills Community College."

"Whoa.Whoa.Whoa.Whoa. Stop right there," I said putting my hand in the air. "She was accepted to Juliard with a full scholarship for dance? And she turned it down?" This girl is smarter than I thought.

"Yeah," said Charles interrupting my thoughts. "She turned it down to stay with her mom. Her talents include dancing, singing, guitar, piano, and drawing. She's going to major in journalism in the fall."

"Wow, this is very impressive. Do you have her picture?" Charles handed me a picture of who I swore I thought was Audrey trinity in high school. When I looked at it closer, I saw the differences. But she was beautiful, just like her mother. Her eyes were waht set them apart. Adelaides were not quite green, not quite blue. Almost teal.

"Michael," said Charles, making me tear my eyes away from the picture. "Michael, you are aware that condemning this girl to punishment for her father's mistakes is like destroying one of the brightest students of her generation.

Charles was right, I couldn't do that. Not only because I couldn't bring myself to crush someone as brilliant as her, but also because she looked so much like Audrey.

And then my thoughts wondered back to my wild son Aiden. Aiden who would be taking over the business soon, Aiden who would need to settle down and have someone respectable and smart by his side, always. And then it clicked. If Adelaide were a Norrington, she would bring more glory to our name. That's when I decided to interwine my son Aiden's and Adelaide's fates.

The End

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