My Dreams

The cream walls seemed to go on forever, finally reaching the grassy green dors we all ran into the corridor and down the stairs. The boys at the back with the guns split into two. One holding the fort at the front the other bringing up the rear. We ran down the stairs like our lives depended on it. The out of nowhere Ben started shouting that he needed to go to the toilet. Soon the rest of us started agreeing, so we headed there. The stairs also seemed to take forever. We finally got there.

Inside the unisex toilet block we went. However the huge silver doors were all locked and had green plastic chairs blocking the doorway. One of the guys with the guns told us to climb the chairs and lower ourselves over the walls into the tolet cubicles. So we did. After we ahd all finally scrambled back over the top, the footsteps we'd heard earlier sounded from above us. Maybe they knew we were in here. The gun boys checked the corridor we were now in. The let us go out, we ran for the door, the exi, our only hope. The gun shots started. I didn't know if they were aimed at us, or defending us, but we ran and ran. The door finally came insight as we rounded another corner.

Once we reached them we noticed a hug padlock around them. The caretaker had shut us in. He SHUT US IN. As we all bundled the door, trying to break it open, the piercing screetch of the creature we'd not seen, but hear earlier came from behind us. As we all turned round, the creature rounded the corner. It looked at us hungrily...

The End

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