My Dream Journey

This was an english essay, i thought i'd share it with you all =]

Hope you enjoy =]


Stumbling through the woods happily, I let my mind travel miles away. Tripping over branches every so often but my mind refused to let go of its daze. The huge forest was full of life and colour, the trees and bushes of every shade of greens, oranges, browns and reds, the animals rushing around warily in their safe habitats.

Staring up into the sky the sun-beams shone brightly through the tree tops, the calm and warm feelings flowing within me, the feeling of freedom...of escape.

By now, coming back from my fantasies I was deep into the woods, spinning around trying to see where I had come from, but found no hints...not that I minded at that point, the sun was still shining, I still had the whole day ahead of me.

Jumping over a fallen tree I caught something bright out of the corner of my eye, venturing over to see what it was, I came across a silver, old fashioned key, it was quite big and covered in green ivy, it had obviously been there for a while.

I crouched down, my knee-high yellow dress brushing against the fallen leaves ever so slightly as I reached for the key, lightly I feathered my fingers across the design brushing away some ivy, the silver carvings...they reminded me of growing vines, wrapping themselves around the key, finally clasping my fingers around the fascinating object I picked it up and slid it into my miniature bum-bag. who might come in handy later on.

After another half-an-hour of aimless wandering, absorbing the sunlight and fresh air, I approached a small breath-taking river full of lily-pads and flower petals. Admiring the way the light bounced off the shimmering and rippling surface I let the coolness of it brush against my toes for a few moments before taking a few steps back, taking a deep breath I sprint towards the wonder, taking a leap over the water I landed gracefully onto the opposite bank, feeling the cool grass underneath my bare feet.

Smiling o myself I glanced behind me before continuing my journey, deeper into the forest.

Rounding a corner I lifted my green eyes and halted in my tracks, not expecting this...not expecting this man. I squinted my eyes, it was too bright to see his face, I could see nothing by his silhouette, but I knew it was defiantly a man.

I could feel some strange aura emitting off of him, luring me in and taking me over, I felt dizzy and light a daze, but it was so inviting I had to use all my will power not to approach him.

Just as I thought I couldn't take much more, he moved closer. Waking me up a bit. But instead of walking to me, he approached the biggest tree in sight, running his fingers across the rough bark strange markings grew like ivy around the tree, stretching from top to bottom.

With a sudden burst, what seemed like a handle sprouted out the the tree's wide trunk, lifting his had he gently opened the door in what seemed like slow motion and a bright light flooded into the open space of the forest.

Taken back, I looked back to the man just to catch him disappearing through the door, I couldn't resist I had to have a look, I walked cautiously to the door but it closed itself before I could see anything, turning around I was surprised to see an old and warn brick wall Surrounding me, no matter where I turned I couldn't see a way out...the only way to go...was through the door.

Studying the patterns on the door, I ran my fingers across its design just as the man had, but nothing happened, no handle appeared this time, this time pressing my soft palm gently to the trunk I felt something shift and move under my hand, pulling it away I found a key hole.

Suddenly dawning on me, I slipped my hand into my back and clasped my fingers once again around its cold surface, pulling it back out I shakily put it up to the lock, some what nervous I easily slotted the key in, slowly turning it the door popped open slightly. I slipped one hand inside and pulled the door, it was heaver than it looked! The man had make it look so easy...

Finally prying the door open I was blinded by the bright light, shielding my eyes I stepped inside, trying to desperately make out anything, shapes, silhouette's anything. But I got nothing.

I turned sharply around just to see the door close again, I pushed against it, but it wouldn't budge.

Can I help you ma'am?” asked a mans voice, turning around my eyes had adjusted, and met the most amazing sight of my life...

The End

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