4. Matt, the Motorbike and the Ambulance

The dream started outside of my school complex. I was walking out after a meeting I'd had about a project with one of the teachers and down the path to the road that the school is on. I got about ten metres down the road, when I turned to wave at a friend of mine, let's call him Matt, who was about to cross the road. For some reason (unknown to me) he was wearing a moped helmet. The end of the path from the school and onto the road comes out on a bend and a crossing.

As Matt crossed the road, a van came around the corner, swerved and hit him, knocking him flying. The van ended up crushing and moulding itself around a truck coming the other way and blocking the entire road.

There were a lot of people milling around and when this happened, everyone stopped and froze. I was the first to move, running towards Matt and shouting harsh instructions at people, telling some to check the people in the van and truck, others to call 999 and others to control the quickly growing crowd.

Matt was rolling around on the floor and refusing to keep still, no matter what I did. I put him in a four point restraint and talked to him. I was telling him that after being hit by a car, there was a high risk of his neck being damaged and that he needed to keep it still to avoid worsening anything. Eventually, I got another person to hold his head still while I kept him restrained.

Somehow, (I was focusing on Matt and not the road) the road was cleared and the ambulance came near. I got someone to wave it down and we got in, taking him to hospital.

That's where I woke up, after the ambulance men saying they wouldn't need to blue him in and that they could drop me off near home while en route to the hospital Matt needed to go to.

Make of that what you will...

The End

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