3. Of Flintoff, iPhones and B&Q

The dream started at the B&Q where I used to frequent as a child. Near where the tills should be is a stall. There are shelves that are back to back and there's lots of different things. The shelves on the stall form a sort of arch in the middle and there's stuff laid out on the space between too.

For some reason, we were selling hardware stuff (as would be expected in B&Q) and about ten iPhone 5's.

To sell things, I was attracting attention by shouting very loudly (I'm good at being loud) and it was working. Lots of people attempted to walk past and were subsequently drawn in to buy something.

At one point, I looked down an isle and there was a familiar figure in a wheelchair. There was a ladder in the way - one of the huge ones that can reach the very top shelves - so I had to move down the isle to see the person properly. It was Freddy Flintoff in a wheelchair because of the surgery he recently had on his knee.

Being a fairly friendly person, I went to say hello and see if he wanted to come over to the stall. We exchanged introductions and he followed me back to the stall at the end of the isle.

He bought a teddy as a mascot (I don't know why there were teddies, but there were) and I asked him if he wanted a look at the iPhone 5's we had.

After receiving an affirmative nod, I went and got the last one from the other side of the cupboard. It didn't look anything even remotely like an  iPhone, but he bought it. Then, from in the archway, he saw some brackets which he wanted. This was apparently what he'd come to the store to get. After giving them to him,  the rest of the England cricket team turned up and all took a picture with Freddy and the new mascot.

I woke up  after taking my place in the picture and smiling for the camera.

Make of that what you will...

The End

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