My Dream Book

Each entry tells of a dream I've had, and my analysis of its contents. I'm starting here with the dream where my story for this year's NaNoWriMo was revealed.

Dream Summary

June  23rd, 2011.

The dream starts with a family moving into a big, ancient house that looks like some sort of temple or palace. Somehow, this house is inhabited by other people as well. Maybe it's not a house, but a school or similar place. I can't be sure at this time.

The new family has a young son, a boy with short, curly hair, who tends to wear "sportsy" clothes. There is also a girl in the house, and several other teenagers. This girl doesn't seem to be very talkative, and tends to wear a purplish robe and long leather boots. But under the robe, some very long hair of a blueish hue can be seen. She is notably pretty, in a gracious and mysterious way. She holds a strange aura around her, too... something I cannot exactly describe. The newly arrived boy is intrigued by her from the moment they both meet.

Eventually, the boy and the girl meet along with other teenagers in the house (I still don't know why or how) and, while playing, the girl ends up doing something that is seemingly way out of the ordinary in this fictional world: she manipulates a visible source of energy, that looks like electricity, with her bare hands; she cannot fully control it, though. The thing is that nobody, not even the girl herself, appears to know what has happened, how, nor why it did. They are dumbfounded, so to say... Yet, they decide to keep it a secret from the elders for now and investigate themselves later. However, and this they don't know, an elder saw what happened, and somehow he seems to know something the young ones don't. He talks to somebody else, probably a superior, about what he saw. This "superior" tells him to take the girl. Where or why, I don't have a clue, but the elder agrees to do it, and thus he begins to look for the girl in order to carry out his senior's orders. Yet for some reason, that doesn't look like an easy task.

Who is this girl, really? Why are these people looking for her? What's going to happen next? What are those powers she has? And how does this boy fit in all this?

Dream Analysis

Well, let's begin with the place. The place, like I said, could be some sort of big house (like a pension), temple, palace, or even a school. Most likely the latter, if you ask me. I am almost sure it's some sort of school or a similar place, where these teenagers are meant to take in some training or special education program. For this, there has to be a relation among all these kids; maybe they have a special talent, or have participated in an event. Maybe they're genetically different from the rest, or maybe this is just a school out of many others just like it. Who knows?

So, how come there is a whole family moving in? My guess is that at least one of the members of the family, either the mother or the father, has just been employed by whatever this organization that runs the place is. I am leaning towards a particular idea: the father is the new principal or manager of said place, or he has some other high-end position in there. He had to bring his whole family with him, and his son was admitted in the school, in the case this is really a school, another idea which I am also considering, because it makes enough sense.

The boy. He's probably our hero, and he'll probably end up falling in love with this mysterious girl. That's very likely, and maybe a bit cliché, but it happens a lot, even in real life, so I suppose it's acceptable. He's the "new guy" in there, so all the other teenage kids living in that place are probably curious about him. This girl, however, as quiet and nonchalant as she seemed in the dream, has probably paid no attention to him, and this somehow attracted the boy towards her even further. This boy appears before me as curious and smart, very analytical, yet brave and shy at the same time. It may take him a little effort and over-thinking, but he always ends up daring to do things not everybody is willing to undertake. At times he is whimsical, and at others, he is very thoughtful; and although this may seem contradictory, it is also very interesting and possible. This is my impression of him, and I love it. As for his relation with the girl and the events that follow, there's probably one. Maybe there's a mystery to be unfolded, maybe he is destined to meet this girl somehow; maybe his past is linked to hers, either directly or through his ancestors. I am not sure how, but there surely exists a link here.

The girl. Like I already said, she is beautiful and gracious, mysterious and secretive, quiet and aloof, but she probably has another side that not many people know about; it is probably not something terrifying, but on the contrary, quite positive. She seems like a good character, not a villain. And she will probably end up liking this boy, as you can guess. It also seems like she doesn't fully understand what happens with her, and I am referring mainly to the incident with the strange and visible source of energy. I don't understand either yet, but it's probably some sort of special power, a talent she has; maybe it's an uncommon genetic trait, maybe not. I'll figure it out soon enough; this, and how it relates to the story. I think, however, that this is something big, and probably the crucial point to this story's development.

And now, moving on to the elders. I think these elders are likely to be members of some order, some secret organization or conspiracy (yeah, I love conspiracy theories!)  that is interested in this girl's powers. Maybe they were deliberately looking for her, or maybe they found her by accident; the thing is, she or her powers are important to them; probably a thing with world domination, money or some  other kind of power. Or perhaps, there's something at risk and they need her in order to preserve it. We'll see.

Either way, I believe that the place, the boy, the girl, their relationship with each other, the girl's powers, and the elders, are all important elements in the story that is to develop from this dream.  

Whatever is going on, I'm liking it, and I want to tinker with it in the coming months. I am probably using this story for my first NaNoWriMo entry, be it either during Nano Camp or in November.

The End

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