My Dream

poe hymn

                                                         My Dream

My head to my pillow,
closing gently, my eyes go black.
I dreamt of peace;
A large oasis twixt law and disturbance.

Above my face, a willow.
The limbs, in the wind, crack
like whips released.
Above my face, they dance.

Leaves of other trees  follow the breeze.
They stop on the water's edge.
One lands on my hand,
almost breaking my slumber.

My body floats in the water, pleased.
I am making a pledge.
When I wake to stand,
My dream won't just be a number.

This dream will be remembered;
an experience outside of sleep.
When I wake to stand,
it will seize my thoughts.

From reality I'll be dismembered.
My peace, consciousness will reap.
From my eyes, I'll wipe the sand.
My dream leaves my mind and rots.

The End

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