End of Chapter 1~

We stopped by a store with clothes and accessories too. My daddy, brother and I went in to check out some cool stuff. After some time, my daddy chose a souvenir that is a form of a boat worth fifty dollars (50) bucks and I chose a shirt that says “Be Yourself, Don’t Pretend!” Daddy likes the shirt that I chose. While Jake chose a big baseball bat that has an autograph on some guy. After buying all of the stuff, we headed towards a restaurant to feed our hungry stomach. We ordered and chill for a while. While I was walking heading towards the terrace, a guy suddenly bumped me. “Ouch!” I reacted. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to bumped you.” said the guy. “It’s okay.” I said. Then, he went off hurridly. It’s not because he bumped me but because he is really in a hurry, I observed. So I went on heading to  the terrace of the restaurant. It is cool and cold in here. I tightly hugged my jacket to keep me more warm. “It’s really cold in here.” I exclaimed. *sigh* In a minute, my dad called me for the food was ready. I went in and join them again. While we were eating, Jake came up with an idea that after we eat, we should go check out the newly opened circus. After we ate, dad agreed to the idea of going to the circus. I was happy too because the more that we’ll spend time together with dad. So we ride a taxi going to the circus. Time check is late in the afternoon. After for ten minutes, we arrive already in the beautiful circus where lots of tarpaulin is hanging and flowers too were organized well. I like seeing newly opened businesses, companies and other kind of stores because it looks “fresh” and pleasing to the eyes. I wonder what daddy thinks of the circus, he just stared every part like he was examining it. After for a while, Jake took us a picture and developed it and let daddy keep it for safekeeping. But actually, Jake let him hold it because he wants daddy to make it his own and make it as his souvenir of his great children. We ride some great rides and all of us really enjoyed the time. Now, it is getting late and daddy is telling us to go home already.

The End

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