Chapter 1- How Everything Started

A story about a girl who lives in a life in United States of America where she spent time with her mother and brother. When the time came when her father came to visit and is bringing her and her brother to his hometown for the first time to Greece. What will happen to her in Greece? Will she find her true love?

Here I am inside the living room, thinking what to do. Now, I heard my elder brother coming in and mother is yelling for his bad actions and one is always being late every night. Maybe you'll be wondering where and what is my father doing. He is in another country, having his own family. He comes here sometimes and spend time with us but mom will be out because she don't feel comfortable with his "ex-husband" around. According to her, when my father is here, she feels want to yell at him for what he did to her. But she wants us also to feel to have a complete family. With that, she just have to go away for the meantime. Even though daddy's here to look after us. Today, daddy is planning to bring us to his hometown for the first time.

He never bring us there for some reason that we don't know. But I am happy that in his visit, he will be bringing us there.

"Hey sweety pie!" *kisses on my forehead* said daddy.

"Daddy, are we going to visit your hometown?" I asked.

"Ofcourse, we will. Tomorrow will be our flight so if I were you I better get ready." said daddy happily.

Oh yeah, my daddy's name is Depp Julkie and I am Cindy Copsy, 15 years old. My daddy lives in Greece and I live in United States of America. It is a nice feeling that daddy is here. I can share all my thoughts to him. My experiences and other stuff too.

"Alright, I'll get ready." I said.

After some few hours, daddy took us to the park where I hear birds chirping and people is having fun playing chess and football. Seeing families having a great time makes me envy them because they're complete while I am not. But, having daddy here feels complete already. My elder brother, Jake (17) is planning to treat us some shirts for having daddy around us. Well, if I know just for today. I do understand him because he is a bit broke but I don't want to be down because of that. All I have to do is deal with it...

The End

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