Exploring here we go

We followed a foot path down by a river in a cool wood,suddenly I saw a figure of a person sitting on a branch which was hanging over the stream.Millie and Holly were looking at a patch of mushrooms and flowers (boring! but they love them!) so i went to see the person on the tree.

When i got closer i realized he was a boy about my age or older, he had long black curls that were so long they were in the river , his eyes were emerald and his skin was like a cupcake sprinkled with freckles and his lips were smothered with lip stick. As i edged closer he soon realized i was there and said hi in a high and squeaky voice,when i said hi back he blushed like mad and jumped into the river and swam off thats when i realized he was wearing a brightly coloured swimming costume.

The End

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