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                                                          Chapter 4

            John never liked my parents. Actually he despised them, and hated when I had to drag him along to family get togethers.
          “Ophelia,” John looks up to me as I am putting on my high heels, “why do we have to go again?”
Rolling my eyes, I think about why we have to go. One, mom says important that I have them as a support system. She tells me this because she knows how unstable John is and she thinks John is going to leave me. Reason number two, my sister Amber, who is younger than me is pregnant. Yes, I am 24, and she is 22 and pregnant. I do want kids, I really do but I don't think John does. And truthfully, I am very envious of her, because she is pregnant and I am not.
          I get pulled out of my thoughts my the hands of John stroking my back, “Baby what's wrong.”
           I look at him and was about to ask him what does he mean when I feel tears rush down my face. Not another panic attack. I push him away and go head towards the bathroom when he catches my arm and pulls me to him. I weep and sob in his arms. We sit on the kitchen floor as he strokes my hair, kissing me softly. John is never this soft with me. Usually it's hard kisses, but he knows what's wrong.
           “Do you want kids?” John asks me.
          “Of course I do, I am a women.” I look up at John and as soon as those words leaked from my mouth I feel him turn to stone.
          “Not every women did. My mom didn't want me.”
            John kisses me and slides his hand up my dress, and pulls at my panties. I moan and instantly get wet. He pushes me on to my back and climbs over me. We leans over me and we kiss open mouthed and passionate. He pulls my breast out of my dress and sucks on the nipples. Biting them as I scream from to much pleasure, I beg for him to fuck me.
             John grins at me in a sinister way, “Yeah you like that? You like that my dirty little slut?”
            I nod, eyes rolling back to my head as he unzips his pants and takes his dick out. He pulls off my lace thong, and slaps my pussy lips with his big dick. I moan and pant for it, and he watches me, and every time I pant and beg, he gets harder and harder, until he needs a hole to get him off. John slides into me and it's the best feeling ever. I moan over and over, as he thrusts into me, he likes it when I look into his eyes. Even when I cum he likes it when I keep my eyes open and looking into his eyes. That's what I do. I never look away, and that kind of makes the sex hotter and more intense and personal in some way. John makes me hold my urge to cum till he has the urge to. It is...as he told me one time, it excites him and feels more connected with me. I squeeze my thighs tighter trying to not cum, but each thrust is more than I can take until he cums and he kisses me letting me know to cum. I scream at the top of my lungs and he kisses, slowly thrusting, letting me savor the blissful feeling. I look at him and run my hands through his hair as he still is on top of me, hearing my heart beat. Nothing feels more like Heaven than this.

                                                                Chapter 5

          My mom is a royal bitch and my dad is an alcoholic who always favored my younger sister. Daddies little whore.
         As John and I walk into the living room I feel anxious, almost panicky. John senses it, and before we enter the living room he kisses me, softly, hugging me, “It's fine. You will be fine okay?”
         I look into his eyes and nod. He kisses me and whispers that he loves me.
John chuckles and runs his hands through my hair, “If you survive tonight without killing someone or fighting I will make love to you the way you like it. Slow but intense and you can cum as much as you want.”
        That catches my attention. I look at him wide eyed. Years before we met he was never like this, but it seems I am softening him up. I nods and proceed into the living room to see my sister and my dad talking and laughing. As soon as Amber sees me, she gets up and runs to me, hugging me but I did notice something, she kept staring at John. Lust fills her eyes and she smiles, “Hey John.”
          John notices and smiles back but gives me an uneasy look. I know John is not interested and wouldn't try anything on her, I mean when we first met, I believe he would but not now and that is what matters to me.
          I go over and John shakes my dad's hand and my dad looks up at me, “What took you guys so long?”
         “I got out of work late.”
          My dad's eyes turn red, and I know he is out for blood tonight. I know this because just as I get up he hands me his favorite glass cup to drink his booze out of and scoffs, “Can't do anything right can you Ophelia.”
          I don't respond but go to fill up his glass cup. The urge to smash the cup across his face is more than I can take. I walk into the kitchen to see my mom making some stir fry.               Her eyes light up as she sees me.
        “Hey, I'm glad you could make it.” I look at her and she senses something is wrong.
       “Your dad didn't start did he?” I walk over to her and hand her the glass cup.
       “Yes,” I say as I leave to go by John, “he did.”
         Amber sits close to John and keeps laughing at what he says and keeps touching his arm. He inches away each time. As he catches my eye, relief fills his face and he looks at Amber, “Make room for my lovely Fiance.”
          Room goes quiet. Dead quiet.
          Dad looks up from John to me, “Your what?”
         John smirks and gets up and walks to me, “I was going to wait till later, but I want your blessing.”
         John takes out a black box that has a white bow on it. He hands it to me, and kisses me, “Open it.”
         I do, and I almost die from shock from what's in the box. It's a 8 carrot diamond ring.           Than out of no where, John gets on one knee and says, “Ophelia, the love of my life.               The only person who makes me feel, will you marry me?”
        At that moment, I look at my dad and Amber. My dad is pisses, and Amber is too, but I don't care. A tear escapes my face and I say yes. John puts the ring on my finger and kisses me. My mom is the only one who is clapping. I look to my family and my dad looks at me disgusted.
      “You can't just let your little sister have her day huh? You have to ruin it.”
       Okay, usually I am so nice to my sister and I bite my tongue but I just couldn't.
        I look towards my dad, “Yeah, you must be so proud. Amber can't even keep her legs closed. Yes, let's celebrate her getting knocked up. She dropped out of high school, slept around and now is knocked up with no baby daddy. No one wants to claim her. Yes, I am so sorry to ruin her day, the day we celebrate her not having enough sense to not spread her legs all over the town.”
          The room differently gets quiet. Amber is crying.
        “You bitch. I can't believe you. What kind of sister are you?”
          I laugh, “The kind of sister that is tired of coming last to you. Tired of not being good enough for you or dad. But know what, I don't care, because I finally found someone to love me.”
         Just than out of no where, my dad starts laughing, “Loves you? John doesn't love you, all he wants is a piece of your ass.”
         John glares at my dad, “No, do not talk about me like that. I am not you. I actually love Ophelia for what she is. I love her.”
        Dead serious, my dad gets up and stops by me before he goes into the kitchen. He exams my face, disgust fills his eyes, “Good, because I never did love her.”
       With that he leaves. I take the present and throw it at Amber, “Open it.”
      “Why should I?”
        I take it from her and unwrap it. It was a scrap book of us, and it has pages in for her baby and poems and what not, it was really neat. I watch tears fill her eyes. My mom comes over to me, and takes the book from Amber.
        She looks through the book and she smiles, “It's so lovely. Must have took you a long time.”
         I hug my mom, “It did. Listen, I don't want to ruin this even more. John and I are going to go.”

                                              Life is like a beach..than you drown.

          Laying in John and I bed, I look at my scars on my wrist. I used to cut myself over and over when I felt bad. To be totally honest, John saved me. He showed me attention and made me see how much talent, and potential I had..that I was better than ending my life.
           I trace the scars as John enters. He joins me in bed and kisses me softly as I bite his bottom lip. He moans loudly and cups my face kissing me softly and slowly. Letting our tongues play, his hands cup my breast. As he grabs them I moan so fucking loud. But than..something happens. I start to cry, like hard core cry. John's eyes fill with alarm. He holds me as I cry and I start to punch him. John holds down my wrist kissing me, trying to make me feel happy.
             I look up at John, “Choke me. Hit me, slap me, spank me, bite my skin off I need to feel pain.” I get on top of him and his hands run up and down my back, gripping my ass. I take his hands and run the up my body to my neck. He laughs and pulls me off him and cuddles me.
            “Baby, no you are to fragile.

           I glare at him, “Why is it that when I want you to abuse me you won't.”

          “Because I love you.”
           I roll over, “You don't love me.”
           I hear him laugh as he pulls me closure, whispering in my ear as he sucks on my earlobe, breathing against my neck and ear making me feel like orgasming, “I fucking love you Ophelia. I love how crazy you are. How sexy and beautiful you look. I love how you keep me on my toes and you are my filthy whore. I love you and only you.”
I push him a way as he climbs over me. He slides in between my legs and starts to slide fingers into my pussy. I moan and he kisses me. Fingering me I beg for his dick.
          “Yeah, you want my dick?”
          I take out his dick and pulls him to me, slowly inserting his dick into me. For some reason he makes love to me, even though he is in an animal mood. We make love, slowly, as I orgasm over and over and over as he makes love to me. Just as he cums, he kisses me and whispers in my ear that he loves me.

The End

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