Serpent of SnowMature


        I sigh as I hear John yell these words. Knowing what I am wearing will hopefully shut him up.
        I finish crimping my hair as the knock of the door, "I'm almost done." I yell as I look at myself in the mirror. Ariana helped me pick out a dress, a red dress that is short but not to short, and shows my cleavage. I pull at the hem of my dress, thinking about what my mother would have thought of me if she were alive. In my quiet moments my thoughts linger to my mom, what would she think of me? Of John? Would she think I was crazy to stay with John? What would she want me to do with my life? I ponder and ponder until I hear another knock and John yelling about being late. I give up and open the door. John's expression is priceless. He stops in mid knock, his eyes bulging out and his jaw drops. 
        I smirk as he tries to regain his self, "Uh, where did you get the dress?"
        Stepping  a side from him I walk to the kitchen, feeling the marble counters,  knowing every move I make is turning John on, "Ariana and I got it. It was the day I went shopping with her and when I got home you threw a fit."
        Rushing my fingers across the counter I walk to the kitchen door where I put on my black, velvet high heels. One on than the other, as I notice John is just staring at my bulging breast, ready to break lose. 
        I pretend to not notice his hard struggle as my fingers trace in-between my breast, fixing them so they stay covered. This is what I like, this is what I crave, his attention. John's eyes are fixed on me. His breathing becomes staggered, his eyes dilate and I see his hard on. I lean closer to him, pulling at his button up shirt and  jacket, I bite his ear lobe, sucking on his jaw his hands slide under my dress feeling in between my thighs. Feeling the sensation I instantly get wet. I moan and gasp pushing him away. John doesn't have it. 
        He throws me into the door, holding me still he kisses me, slowly sucking on my lip, "Why? Why did you get this dress for tonight? I won't be able to concentrate on anything but you and that tight dress." Staring into his eyes, his eyes, his gray eyes that used to haunt me when I wasn't with him but torture me when I am, his eyes..his eyes...

        I take charge. I turn animal. My fingers cup his package. John swears and leans closer, both hands by my head, he leans forward moaning. I whisper in his ear, rubbing the front of his dress pants, “You will not touch me tonight. You will not make an excuse just to fuck me in another room. You will not get in a touching mood, and feel me under the tables. I will not do anything for you while we are at the party.”

        I stop rubbing until he nods his head and says yes.

        I rub faster and continue to growl in his ear, “If you keep your hands off me for the time we are there you can fuck me as hard as you want. You can hurt me, you can use, baby you can do whatever you want. I will do anal, I will suck you, I will do anything for you if you just keep your hands off of me tonight. I want to torture you. Taunt you. Oh John I'm so wet.”

        As soon as I said wet he was gone, he was moaning and gasping, begging me to fuck him right there against the kitchen door. I shake my head, smirking at his helpless face. John bites his lip staring at me like a kid who can't have his candy, who didn't get his way.
I kiss him and take his hand, dragging him out the door. John drives while I rub the front of his pants. I take out his dick and suck on him a little. His right hand grabs my hair, helping me suck him off, running his hand through my hair, moaning. I like this. I like pleasuring him. I like him helpless. I like control over him. John can't take anymore, he stops by a near road, and pulls my hair. I know what he wants and I want it. I open my legs and lets his face enter in between my dress. John starts to lick, it was easy because I wore no underwear...easy access.

        Near orgasm I push him away, “No John we have to wait.”

        John's lips wet he nods, regaining control he drives to the party, Before I get out, he slaps me across the face softly but hard enough to get my attention, “Your ass will be wrecked by the time the night is over and the sun is showing.”

        I smile in a crazy way, pushing down the front of the dress with my hands, Johns eyes just staring there. I show more and more cleavage until I hear John swear at me and how much of a tease I am. I pinch my nipples and moan. I hitting my head against the seat I scream a little and gasp as I rub my nipples. Johns mouth takes over sucking my nipples. I run my hands through his hair, I know he loves this. Closing my eyes, I feel his hand go up my dress as one stays on my thigh. I want this, crave this, but I can't, not till later. Stopping my taunting I get out of the car and wait for him. John holds my hand and we walk up the gravel to the marble steps into the white doors of a mansion.


                                                                    After the party:

        We barely get through the door before John turns into a beast. He slams be down on the counter as he undoes his shirt. He leans over and kisses me hard, biting my bottom lip. I look at him and beg for him to hurt me, to beat me. He pushes me to the floor and slaps me across the face. My face goes numb as I lie there. John's fingers run through my hair pulling, he throws me over his shoulders and carries me to our bedroom. He throws me onto the bed, filling his face with my breast he sucks on my boobs. I know he can't think, he wants this so much. I know his does because of his roughness. Usually when he is just kinda turned on it's passionate. If he is mildly turned on it's a little painful, he slaps me and pinches my nipples, but when John is totally turned on, past the point of returning he is mean. He is rough and he likes to bite my nipples and leave bruises all over my body. He kept doing this.

        After John got all his clothes off he takes off my dress and turns me over on my stomach. Seeing my bare butt he spanks me. I pull at the bed sheets with each slap, I scream into the bed and cry. He spanks me over and over, I feel my ass sting, I cry for him to stop but he doesn't. He gets up and moves me side ways with my ass hanging off the side of the bed, he pulls my hair as his dick enters my ass hole. John thrust slowly at first, he knows he need to enter slowly. After a few slow thrusts he gasps and moans taking control. I lay there helpless crying and screaming feeling pain shoot through my body but oddly mixed with lust. Anal is a twisted thing, it hurts but feels good in some odd way. John thrusts as he closes his eyes and runs his fingers through my hair.

        “OHHHH Ophelia, “ John screams near his orgasm, “oh Ophelia, Ophelia you're so fucking tight. Oh so fucking tight. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UHHH UH UH Uh Uh UH UH UH UH UH UH Oh baby I'm going to cum.”

        John repeats this over and over until I feel an explosion in my ass and he stops moving. John collapses on me a little but gets up. He slowly gets out of me, wiping off his dick with a towel. I lay there weeping from the pain but also the mess that is on my cheeks. I lay there crying, sobbing, until I feel John slowly kiss my back, His soft fingers trace my bruises, I can hear the shortness in his breath, and the sadness in this voice. I move away from his touch and roll over staring into his gray sad eyes hurt.

        “Ophelia,” John starts to say as I walk away from him. I start the shower and step into the steaming hot water, washing away my sins and my pain. I cry and cry not caring about how loud I am, what I go through just to please John pushes me over the edge.

        Just before I start to shampoo my hair I hear the bathroom door open and shut. The shower door slides open and naked John enters. I see the regret in his eyes, and the sorry of his lips. I look at him, trying to not cry anymore, but I can't. I see a tear drip down John's eyes as he waits for me to say something. It was my fault to, I know. I did taunt John and say that he could hurt me, I mean I gave him permission, this is my fault not his. I decide to let it go, I kiss John softly as his hands stay on my sides.

         He lets go and looks at me, “I love you Ophelia.”

        I decide to let it go and to love him. John is the only man I want. I kiss him back, pulling him closer I whisper that I love him to. To say sorry he wants to make love to me he says in the shower. I lay on the shower floor and open my legs. I wait for him to enter and he does slowly. He starts to thrust slowly, building up to maximum and pleasure. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and my legs around his waist. I let him rock me, rock in me, he rides on me, thrusting slowly in and out but fast. I moan and shriek, my senses get disillusioned. John's face, his expression as we make love is the only drug I need. John closes his eyes, but his mouth stays open. When he moans his mouth opens wide and his eyes twitch, his eyes open but close as each gasp he gives. He rides me, thrusting, waiting tell I tell him I am going to cum. The feeling of rain, the shower over us adds to the static of what is happening. All passion, all love, just John and I, in the shower making love over and over and over. His hands to stay by my head pushing him up so he doesn't fall on me. I cum finally, dripping, dripping, I let him cum too. We stop and he falls on me. We stay in the bathtub that way. Under the water, washing away our sins and what we are, and what we do to each other.


The End

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