Whispering SentMature

          "Ophelia, come one why are you still with him?" 
        I cringe as those words seep out of Arians mouth looking at racks of clothes for the fancy party we are going  to.  Apparently it's a big deal and all the rich, fancy people are supposed  to all show and talk about money and how life sucks or is great. I am only going because John was  invited and wants to show off his piece of ass that he has, or to make me feel out of place and shitty. Either way I am bringing Ariana as a guest so I don't die of boredom and I have someone to make fun of rich people with.  
        Running my hands over a red short dress that is low cut I look over to Ariana, " Because I love him."
        Arian stays silent because she knows it is true, even though John and I fight, and destroy each other, I love him.
        Those are the first words I hear as I walk through the door. Still bags in hand, still have my shoes on, still just opening the door, and John is in my face.  Fantastic.
        Setting down my bags on the kitchen counter, I drop my keys on the counter also looking at John, "I was shopping with Ariana." 
        "Ariana?" John sneers at me, running his fingers through his hair. I can't help but stare at him.  His soft, rough hands feel great as they touch my body. His blondeish brown hair is all messed up in frustration, his temper is always his fall.   Oh my, his body, oh my, his body has the ability to run hot flashes up my thighs, to my stomach, and everywhere else.  But John's eyes, his eyes are what holds me. They scare me, taunt me, always gives me emotions.  I thrive on his eyes, I love how much I can tell by his eyes...his  eyes......eyes...
        Snapping out I can feel his hands gripping my shoulders shaking me.  I kiss him quickly, interlocking our lips, pushing our bodies to each other. The best way I learned to shut John up was to kiss him, to  intice him, to make him an animal.  I know it works, because I can feel  John's hands run down back and grabs my ass. I let out a moan panting into his neck. I suck on his neck all the way up to his ear, sucking his earlobe.  John moans, gasping as his hands run up my shirt, his fingers slide over my green lacy bra, pushing me against the counter. I lean back letting the sensation fill  my body, craving his hot mouth on my neck, my thigh squeeze together.  Wanting is killing me, filling, feeling his mouth travel down my neck to my breast while his hands slide down my jeans, sliding between my jeans.
        John looks at me, loving the fact that he makes me a dirty animal.
        He smirks, his fingers rubbing in between my jeans. Growling he bears his teeth, "You like that baby?"
        I grip his shoulders with my hands, digging my nails into his skin, I moan, "Yes baby, please uhhhh please."
        I can't even think and he knows that. John  picks me up and carries me to our bedroom, staring into my emerald eyes. He lays me across the bed sheets leaning  over me, he kisses me softly, sliding in between my legs. I run my hands down his chest, memorizing his beauty. How can someone looks so much like an angel, feel like a angel, but have the temper of a demon? I ponder as he take shirt off, letting my hands feel his scars. His  tongue enters my mouth, playing, sucking  on his bottom lip, feeling his hard on, I let my hands wonder. John closes his eyes, he looks helpless when my fingers unbuckles his belt, unzips his pants and undoes his buttons. I feel his dick, touching the tip, letting my fingers play with his shaft, his eyes turn to animal and I know he wants it.  John takes my arms and pins them down above my head, he takes control. He feels up my body, caressing my stomach to my breast, biting the nipples I gasp, panting, begging.
        "Please master, please I can't take it anymore." I beg as he takes off his pants, my eyes stay on him and his every move, expecially when I see his hard dick pop out.  I try to take off my pants but he slaps me across the face gently but hard enough to make me know he's in charge. I nod and let him do it. John loves to pleasure me.  Lowering his mouth to the front of my pants, he licks, biting my buttons, somehow he undoes my buttons with this teeth. John slowly takes off my pants, staring at my my black cut off underwear, he's memorized with my legs and whats in between them. His lowers his head, licking the front of my underwear, licking, licking, sucking gripping my thighs with each lick.
        Squeezing my legs, pulling at the bed sheets I yell for John to take them off. He taunts me by slowly taking them off, sliding his mouth over my vagina than stopping.  John leans over me, tearing my shirt off, his beast side shows, and I know he wants me. He opens my legs and enters. Thrusting slowly than hard, speeding up I look into his eyes, knowing he want's me as a whole, I kiss him feeling the rush of it all, love and hate. Love and lust. It all takes a toll. We kiss and make love, we are rough but soft. John makes me his and I make him mine. Over and Over and Over. 
        Laying in his arms after words, he kisses me. Hugging me he bites my neck as I lean over him, kissing him softly and deeply, he smiles. I love his smile, it means I have satisfied him. His needs, his wants, his everything. 
        John leans over and takes something  from the stand by us, it's a box. I look at him surprised, I take the box and ponder what it is.
        John laughs, because he knows what I am thinking. He always knows that I am thinking, "Don't worry it's not a ring for marriage."
        I open the box and see a ring, it is silver with an emerald stone in the center, I look at him, "It's beautiful John."
        Smiling, he slides the ring on my marriage finger, " I bought it because I love you and I know you love the color emerald." 
        His hands slide in my hair, takes the back of my neck and kisses me. I lean over him and straddle him, sliding over his dick I gasp and John leans back pulling at the sheets. He swears and lets me pleasure him. I ride him, bounce, grind, anything to please him, anything. We continue this throughout the night. The love and pleasure. These are the moments I savor as he lays in my arms, sleeping after making love.  Drifting to sleep I hear him sleep talk, I love you Ophelia he whispers in his sleep. I close my eyes and whisper back, "I love you too John."

The End

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