This is about a girl and a guy...not a love story..more of hate and love story...with a lot of issues. The girl and guy has one thing in common..sexual maniacs...combine two people, one ex, one hoe, people trying to break them up, hating themselves but what heals them is a sexual can get interesting, They know, Ophelia and John, can never leave, because they do love each other, in a deranged way. A must read please:D

           I didn't care, I knew my price. Maybe I was always ready for this, for the storm to break than have great make-up sex after. Maybe I didn't mind that part. Maybe is all I could think about  as John yells at me from across the kitchen table, telling me how wrong I am. What I have learned from being with John was that he was always exceptions.  Our relationship can be characterized as this saying, "When you say jump I ask how high."
         Yes, it can be kinda harsh at times, double-standard is no picnic, but I don't care. I love that I can please him, show him I am only his, show him that I would never leave him. When were in bed or if he calls me to talk and shit gets hot I love when he moans my name, "Ophelia."  Afterwards though can be tied as my favorite, because after we make up and where lying there he gets vulnerable. It's like his heart spills out what he does not always say, like I am his only reason to breathe. That's why I don't mind John yelling at me, I can take it I'm a big girl, because I know after the storm, is the drug.
        "Ophelia," John whispers in my ear as I lay in bed crying, this time he has gone to far. I lay there broken with bruises tattooed across my body. 
        John lays next to me, running his fingers through my brownish-blackish hair whispering my name over and over again, "Ophelia, Ophelia, Ophelia I'm so sorry baby." 
        I can't bare to look into his eyes, so I focus on the picture behind him, a clown happy and sad. John put that picture up on the wall for me, because he knew how much I changed my mind. One day I could think this, one day I could think something different. Today is something totally different.
        I finally look into John's eyes, into his blue hurt eyes and remember he was scarred too.  I take his fingers and guide it up my pajama dress, whispering in his ear, "It's okay."
        John kiss me hungrily, baring his teeth against my skin as I pull his hair, waiting for the mess to heal up. Laying there letting him take charge is when I know I will get my reward later.

The End

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