My Dead LoverMature

My Dead Lover is about a 17 year old teenager, who ends up getting screwed with drugs, alcohol, smoking, and exc. She runs into a man by the name Kol. They have one hell of a time... will there time together end...?

"My Dead Lover"

Chapter one. " Truth "

By: Chelsea Romano

Have you ever wanted love? I have, actually i already have it... The first time he caressed my face, the first time he touched me was magical, every night I dream of him. He's not any lover though. He's... " A Dead Lover ". Now those type of lovers know how to drive a girl insane, they know how to make a girl scream in pleasure. that's the kind of lover I have, and it's amazing. On a Saturday night I was walking home from a dance. At the corner of my eye I see this seductive looking man. He does a very cocky smile and he walks over to me. " Hello love, I'm Kol. " I smile seductively and say " I'm Bonnie " The next thing you know, i get knocked out with a god damn rock. I wake up about two hours after i got pounded on the side of my head with a rock. I see Kol standing before me, with a skin tight tank top on, the top was white and red, the red spots were blood... My eyes got watery as i thought i was going to die from a sexy devil murder... But then i thought about all those stories i have read, all these rumors going around my school, about murderers, your drink peoples blood, to take care of there hunger for blood. But then that flew out of my blind head, and all i could think about now was Kol's muscular body on me. As he walked closer i faded away more, i screamed in my head trying to keep myself awake for just a little longer to at least feel a soft touch by this Gorgeous man. Instead i fall on my side, and slowly fade away. I wake up once again, at the same spot where i faded away before, but this time Kol wasn't here, i thought asked myself "Was is a dream?" But it wasn't there Kol was, he just entered the room and says " Finally your up love. " I decided to throw the closest thing i can at the bastard. I managed to grab a glass cup and throw it at him. He grabbed it without hesitation. Kol just smiled and laughed, he walks over to me and rubs my neck. " I got you good Bonnie, i'll be more gentle next time. " As he walks back out of the room, i put my hand on the side of my neck and i feel little holes in my neck, when i look at my hand all i see is blood covering it. And i thought to myself " Who am i staying with... "

The End

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