- My Dark Angel -

"Promise, you will never leave me...."

Annabella, an orphan living with her Aunt and Uncle becomes the sole survivor of a tragic car crash. Found by Jasper at the scene she is drawn in by his mysterious character and hidden secrets. Will she make the right choice, or will this lead to her death?

A mystery that will have you drawn in. If you like Twilight you will love this.

The midday suns reflection glazed off the waters surface, blinding anyone who dared to look at directly. The tall trees stood overgrown at the edge of the field, and wild grass stood high in the clearing. The sky a almost perfect blue, aside the storm clouds in the distance. A little girl ran squealing with laughter, through the grass, that little four year old girl was me. I looked behind me laughing, my parents were chasing me. Happiness filled my heart, as the sun lit up my mother's beautiful face. My father's was lit with happiness. We all were so happy, in that one moment.

Then they came, shadowed figures at the edge of  the clearing. "Mummy!" I pointed and laughed, "Who are they?" I asked. My mother looked up, then turned to my father. They stood side by side, in fear. "My god, they have come, Roger they have come." My mother said to my father, I stood there frightened by my parents seriousness. "Mummy?" I looked up as they stood there bracing themselves.  "Rose, are they here for her?" My father asked, "I... think, yes. My god no, not now." my mother replied. "Annabella, stand by your mother." I moved slowly and stood by my mother, just as they approached. Hooded figures stood in a formation with one out in front, the leader.

"Hello, Annabella."

I awoke, I always wake up at that moment. Crying in the memory of my parents.


The End

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