Chapter 5

It was afternoon...

Alice was planning to visit Elise at Spirit World HQ after her work at Sky Building so she quickly grabbed her things and headed out.

Since she knows a shortcut from Stone Valley,she went there.

She is excited to see the white-haired again!

Birds were chirping around happily,matching Alice's mood as she walked down the path towards the Stone Valley.

Wind was playing with the blonde's hair and clothes,along with the leaves of trees.

'Hmm...I wonder how is she? Is she okay? Is she sick? Ahh,I'm really crazy about her..' Her heart whispered happily.

And along the way...

The blonde stopped when she saw something...a sight that she never wanted to see..


It is Elise,lying almost lifelessly on the ground,blood pooled down and surrounded her,she even has few spears pierced on her back.

"Elise!" Alice almost panicked as she rushed towards the white-haired's side,"Elise! God! What happened to you?!"

She doesn't know what to do,her heart is racing while panicking slightly.

Then she sighed deeply to calm down,she gently placed her hands on Elise's body and gently rolled her over but not to the point where she is lying Elise on her back then the blonde picked the other's arm and put it around her shoulder.

'Don't worry Elise,you'll be fine..' She thought as she slowly stood up and took Elise to her house,


Upon reaching her house,Alice then placed Elise on the bed before leaving again to get a medical kit.

And after a while,she successfully removed all of the spears from Elise's back and healed her wounds.

The blonde then sat on the chair which was beside by the bed and looked down at the now out-of-danger Elise.

'Elise...I never thought that this would me..I couldn't ask for more..Good thing that I found you first or else,you could have died because of blood loss.' She thought as she kept staring at Elise's peaceful face which made her heart skip a beat.

'You look so innocent when you are sleeping...You didn't look like a warrior at all..' She added in her thoughts and she couldn't help but smile.

Alice then took this chance to study Elise's face for a while and finally focused on her lips.

'I wonder how it feels to be kissed by you?' She then raised a hand and caressed Elise's cheek.

Her fingers started travelling down to Elise's corner of her lips before she stopped.


The blonde gulped when she kept staring at Elise's lips.

'Elise,you're one must have you except me..' She thought before she slowly leaned down.

'It's just a taste..I won't take it far so please,let me kiss you..just once..'

The gap between their faces was slowly closing..

And now Alice's lips were inches away from Elise's..

And finally...She successfully landed her lips on the white-haired's soft ones...

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The End

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