Chapter 4

It is another ordinary day again at Spirit World,most warriors considered this as an ordinary day.

But Alice looks at it as a special day and actually she feels so happy.

Because she gets to meet and talk to Elise even for just a moment.

As Alice went into the Sky Building (Name of the company) where she usually works,she couldn't help but hum a song.

The people around her were staring at her because of the sudden change of mood of the blonde.

Usually,they would see the grumpy and impatient Alice because she got her heart broken before.

Now almost all of her co-workers are relieved to see the cheerful blonde.

Though Alice never noticed that,and throughout the day,she was lively and always has that smile on her face,even in interacting and working.

The two named Ferris and Shiroka were curious about what happened to her but eventually just shrugged it off.

At least they are glad to see the happy Alice.

What's more is that today could be Alice's lucky day.



Elise was running with sweats dripping from her head while gripping her bleeding arm. She was out on a quest again where she had to obtain the Yellow Skull,an artifact where in the user can hypnotize someone else.

She was ordered by the main official of the Spirit World HQ to bring it back because of its power.

And now she got into trouble because of her idiocy by suddenly taking the Yellow Skull without a plan,making the undead guards see her and were now chasing her.

One guard threw a spear and successfully hit Elise's arm and that's where she got the wound.

Elise was panting while running,she was almost out of breath,it is strange though since she wouldn't be running out of breath like this because of a mere wound. She then looked around to find a place to hide.

But too late because she was slightly slowed down because of the wound and were now surrounded by the undead guards.

The white-haired tched as she stopped and stood up erectly.

The general smirked,"My my,did it hurt? My spear,you see,contains this poisonous fluid that slowly sucks your spirit energy,which is why you have been slowed down and were running out of breath."

Elise growled as her eyes flashed while gripping her arm tightly,"You think I would let myself get captured? No way..." Blackish red whirlwind began engulfing her,covering a wide radius.

"Devil's Whirlwind!"

Then the whirlwind began shooting countless of fire rays towards the guards the surrounded her,successfully throwing them off.

The guards then yelped as they got blown away.

Then Elise took this chance to run.

'I'm now getting near to the Stone Valley. I'll be safe!' She thought.

"Get her!" Said one guard who was able to protect itself from the whirlwind.

Then the other guards began throwing poisonous spears at her.



But it was too late,the white-haired took all of the spears because of loss of strength and blood due to her first wound.

Elise yelped in pain and fell forward to the ground before losing consciousness.

Luckily,she made it at the Stone Valley where in the guards won't be able to see nor find her because of too much grasses that successfully hid Elise's body.

"Gah! Blast it! But I'm sure she's dead by now!" One guard yelled from afar.

"We will just come back and find the Yellow Skull! We just bought a few spears and we wasted it on that woman! Retreat!" The general ordered before he moved away with its comrades...

Who will save Elise?

The End

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