Chapter 3

Alice didn't blink upon seeing the white-haired's heterochromatic eyes which are purple and yellow orbs.

'They are more beautiful when I look at them this closely!' Alice's heart yelled happily.

And for once,Alice started to stare at her which made the tall white-haired woman blink in wonder.

'Whoa whoa,was she staring at me?' The tall one thought to herself as she looked back at Alice.

And after a while...

Alice blushed upon realising that she was staring at the other for a long time and quickly tugged and arranged her hair and clothes before bowing,"T-Thank you for saving me from those monsters! I don't know what could have happened to me if ever you didn't come!" She stated.

The other woman blinked and gave her a charming smile,"Not a problem,good thing I made it in time before they took you."

"A-Anyway! I'm Alice--Alice Persephone!" The blonde introduced herself even she was stammering then extended her palm for a handshake.

"I'm Elise Bladestorm. Just call me Elise." The white haired introduced herself and extended her hand,taking Alice's palm and shaking them gently,which made the blonde blush.

Alice could feel the softness of Elise's looked like the white-haired's hand sent these mysterious and ticklish feeling,it felt like small voltages of electricity crawled from Alice's hand up to her whole being.

Elise felt the same to be honest and lightly squeezed the other's hand lightly because of its warmth.

And she liked that warmth.

But the white-haired was the first one to pull her hand away gently,"Well then,I should be taking my leave. Be careful next time,okay?"

Alice blushed slightly as she put down her hand before nodding,"Okay.."

Elise gave her a warm smile before walking past by her.

Alice's eyes widened when she managed to have a smell of Elise's simple yet aromatic perfume as she walked past by.

And then she couldn't help but close her eyes and secretly inhaled Elise's scent.

Luckily,Elise didn't notice that or it would look very weird.

As the white-haired gained some distance,Alice then opened her eyes and turned to watch Elise who was now walking away from her.

The blonde then placed her hands on her chest,silently feeling her own palpitating heart..

'She smells so good...and her hand is soft..will I ever get to touch them again?' She thought before turning around again and walked away.

~That night~

Alice kept rolling over her on her bed that night,she couldn't sleep because she was thinking of that white-haired.

'Elise...why am'I like this? I know I'm in love but why this much?' her heart whispered.

The blonde then hugged her pillow tightly,thinking it was Elise.

'I wonder how it feels to be hugged by you? To be kissed by you?' she added in her thoughts.

She then closed her eyes but the face of Elise was all she could see...

'I'm crazy for you..'

Then she fell asleep without her noticing.


Elise was having a staring contest with the ceiling,she was in deep thought. She was in her room in Spirit World HQ.

Other warriors tend to be homeless so the HQ became their home instead. It was always like this. But some warriors just tend to get comfortable sleeping in the HQ instead of sleeping in their own houses. Elise is one of them.

At first,Elise would think what quests should she take next. She has done slaying,delivering and escorting. Killing mythical beasts is a piece of cake for her though since she is a half devil and half dragon.

But after a few moments..she began to think of the blonde from before.

'She's beautiful...that yellow hair..those blue eyes....her body...everything's perfect.' her heart said.

Elise couldn't help but smile."What am'I talking about? For sure she already has someone else and besides,there are many girls who were more beautiful than her. Why should I think of her this much?" She whispered to herself.

But she felt that her words aren't sincere...especially when she told about other girls more beautiful than Alice.

In fact,Elise thought that Alice is the most beautiful girl above all of them.

But why...?

And then the white-haired didn't notice that she fell asleep...

The End

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