Chapter 2

"What did you just say?" Shiroka asked.

"I already told you,I'm in love." Alice replied.

"What?" Ferris added.

The three of them were in Shiroka's office and the two noticed something in Alice as she went back.

"In love?! Did you know what's the meaning of that word?!" Shiroka asked as she flailed her arms up.

Ferris sighed,"Maybe it's love at first sight?"

"It is! It is! Her white hair,her heterochromatic eyes,all of it! I saw all of it!" Alice replied cheerfully.

"And you are happy about it? She's a stranger!" Shiroka stated and narrowed her eyes at Alice.

"C'mon,we can't blame her,love comes unexpectedly." Ferris interrupted.

"Shut up and go back to your ship you perverted pirate." Shiroka growled at Ferris.

"Hey! Calm down you hot-headed,white-haired woman! I'm just stating facts here!" Ferris argued.

Alice rolled her eyes and sighed,"C'mon Shiroka,Ferris is right,you cannot predict when love will come."

"You said that you don't know when you will get to see her again,what if she didn't come huh? What if she just happened to pass by? Tell me!"

"I did say that but since I'm not that easy to give up,I found out where she works!" Alice chirped.

Shiroka and Ferris stopped and looked at her.


"I know Ferris,she is clever." Shiroka interupted.

"Soo...I guess I'll see you two later then! I have to get to know her right away!" Alice stated and then stood up from her chair,"Don't worry! My work is finished here!" She then turned around and fled off.

Ferris looked at Shiroka,"Ya know,why don't we investigate this white-haired fellow,too? Just curious."

Shiroka sighed and rubbed her forehead,"I don't I'm worried."

Ferris frowned.


A gigantic building greeted Alice as she went up in front of the Spirit World HQ building. The building has glass-made windows and a glass-made door.

But Alice couldn't see what was really inside the building,she could only see people walking around in and out of the HQ.

'So this is where she works..good thing I have a friend who is also working here.' The blonde thought as she looked up with amazement.

That friend was named Chihiro Alvarez,a dragonoid whose strength is just like Hercules'. Alice and Chihiro met each other when Alice had trouble with an orc at Stone City,Chihiro saved her from that orc and that's how their friendship started.

One more thing,Chihiro is talkative and could be a matchmaker,she even teased Alice the other day when the blonde told her about the incident.

Alice then took a deep breath before entering the building.

Many warriors were walking here and there as she went inside,some warriors were at the Quest Bulletin Board,some were at the counter to ask for permission for their desired quests and some were just idling around.

Alice then sat on a nearby sofa bed before looking around.


When the blonde got bored of waiting,she sighed and stood up.

Why would she wait anyway? Nobody knows her except Chihiro.

And Chihiro is currently on her quest.

'Guess I came here for nothing..' her mind thought as she turned to leave.

Alice's face then became sad and disappointed as she left the building and went through the forest,it is her usual shortcut back at her workplace.

And along the way...

A group of demons appeared on tree branches,surrounding the blonde,all of them have smirks on their faces.

Alice's eyes widened and halted,"W-What the--"

"Heh,looks like we got a big catch today!" One demon said as it hopped down from the tree branch,together with its peers.

"It's pure human,this will cost us a big selling price." Another one stated while taking out its spear.

Alice glared at the demons,but even though she put up her brave expression,she couldn't face them.

When the leader was about to move towards her...

A sudden blow landed on its cheek,making it fly to a tree.

Then the savior landed on the ground near the leader with its back in front of the others.

"Who are you?!" Asked one subordinate as it aimed its spear at the figure.

Alice's eyes widened.

"You know,it's not nice to sell people." The figure said and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"Damn!" Another demon looked around.

There were six of them and since the leader has been taken down,there were only five of them left.

The figure started attacking by landing invisible punches and kicks at three demons before vanishing again.

The three attacked demons yelped in pain before they dropped off to the ground,unconscious.

The other two demons were now sweatdropping as they kept looking around.

Then the figure reappeared behind them and landed sharp kicks on the two demons directly on their heads.

The two demons then were being dropped on the ground,unconscious.

The figure then landed in front of Alice,kneeling in one knee,"Your knight has come,milady."

Alice stood there in shock as she saw her rescuer.

It was the same white-haired woman from before!

'It's her! Did she say my knight?' Her heart whispered and was mentally jumping with joy upon hearing that.

The white-haired then stood up erectly and looked down at Alice with a gentle smile.

Alice looked up and once again,her heart is palpitating.

And it was crazier than before...

Because their eyes met for the very first time...

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The End

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