Chapter 1

Alice fell in love with Elise by accident and now she is planning to make Elise hers only. But it seems Elise doesn't want to return her feelings,hoping that she would give it up.But Alice will never give up,why? simple,she loves Elise and she will do anything just to make Elise fall for her,too. How will she do that if Elise was trying to avoid her? No,Alice won't let that happen,and there's one thing she could do.

It's to prove the white haired that she can only love Alice, and Alice only..

A certain yellow-haired named Alice was scanning her eyes around her surroundings,she could see the golden bermuda grasses hugging the whole wide field she was in,she could see a surprisingly large tree with golden leaves falling and creating a mess on the ground,eventually creating a mess at the middle of the field and she could also see happy little birds flying all over the place.

The field she was in is called the Yellow Fields,popularly known for its peaceful and golden-like color environment,it is also the usual way to go to the Stone City which was the main capital of Spirit World and mostly,the warriors in Spirit World HQ spend their little time in this wide field first before they go to their quests.

Alice here,is just an ordinary woman with a very wide imagination especially in fairytales. She sometimes hope that she could meet a person whom she could call her knight in shining armour,but she knows that it is impossible for that to happen.

However,of what didn't know is that she will receive a surprise soon enough.

The wind played with Alice's yellow hair,along with her clothing,the wind also danced with the grasses and the leaves of the tree. This made the yellow-haired sigh deeply,inhaling the fresh air.

'When I found my knight,I would always ask for a request to spend our time together here,this place is so peaceful..' Alice's mind whispered as she continued to admire the scenery in front of her. And when Alice decided to leave after a long while,she stood up and lightly tugged her clothes which consists of a red blouse and a white skirt that reaches her knees,she then put some of her hair behind her ear,revealing her beautiful and notable face.

"Well then,I should head back to my office,Shiroka is probably--" But the blonde didn't manage to finish her own sentence when she looked to her side and caught a glimpse of a woman's figure who was sitting not too far away from where she was.

The woman has this short white hair that was being played by the wind gracefully along with her clothes which consists of a full white bodyguard attire,she has this serious yet calm face as she look at the scenery before her with full admiration.

Alice found herself staring at the woman for a while,her eyes were sparkling differently after seeing the woman for the first time.

Of what surprised her the most is that her heart is beating rapidly and she doesn't know why.

'She's beautiful and cute..' Alice's mind stated and then let out a small smile,although she was not aware of it.

The white-haired woman let out a sigh and stood up then turned around to leave.

'Wait! I want to know your name!' Alice's heart yelled but the woman already left.

And somehow,Alice felt disappointment,mentally blaming herself for not noticing the woman earlier and for not approaching her.

Now Alice never knew if she will get to see that white-haired woman again...

But who knows?

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The End

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