The Challenge: Write a story about a Waldensian. The Waldenses were a group of people that opposed the Catholic church and were persecuted for it in the Middle Ages. 150-Infinite words...

They call us witches. Devils, even. Their nicknames mock our religion, our lifestyle, and our God. Why are we treated this way? Unfortunately, we know the answer. Even more unfortunate, the reason is a very stupid one. It's because we're Christian. Well, actually, I suppose that's not the reason. The reason is that we oppose the Catholic church. Now I know what you're thinking, we're heretics for opposing the 'Holy Church'. Answer me this, where in the Bible does it say that the Pope has the power to cleanse people of their sins? In fact, where in the Bible does it mention the Pope at all?

That's what I thought.

The Catholic church has brainwashed the whole world---well, most of it. All except for us Waldensians. We follow the Bible much more closely than the Catholics do. I would give you some examples if I didn't know they'd bore you to tears.

Now you're probably wondering two things. Number one, my name. My name's Patrack. No, not Patrick. Patrack. Pat for short, but don't call me that. I hate it. Number two, why on earth am I writing an account of my life? That answer should be written solemnly, but I'm one that likes to get to the point. Thus, I shall.

I'm in prison. Yes, prison. The place where they throw you behind bars, barely give you any room, and make sure to scent the place with terrible odors. I just love it here. Oh! You probably have a third question. Why am I here? I was persecuted. Most likely, you have another question now. My turn for a question, are you very well educated? Let's put the jokes aside for a moment so I can explain my entire situation to you simply. Basically, I'm in prison because I disagree with the Catholic church---you already knew that but I'm repeating it for effect. They threw me in jail to prevent me from spreading my beliefs to anyone else, because as you know the truth is contagious. However, lies are just as contagious, but they are much much more deadly. That is why I dedicated my life to spreading the truth to the whole world.

Unfortunately, I have not had much success, but I have hope that one day I will be successful. Wish me luck, my friends.

Oh no. Got to go. One of the inmates is staring at me like a cannibal. If this is the last journal entry I write, you'll know why.


This was the last journal entry Patrack ever wrote. 

The End

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