The Challenge: Write a 150-300 word paper describing how you feel right now you using your sense of smell. Use vivid words.

If I had an emotion, I'd be pleased to share it with you. However, at the moment I am completely void of any emotion whatsoever. Everything is just a jumble. Not a jumble of emotions---mind you---but a jumble of emotionless thoughts that serve me no purpose.

You ask me what I smell. You seek out an answer. You ask, "How do my smells describe my feelings?" Well, I'll tell you.

I smell nothing. It's not like smelling oxygen. I've come to realize that oxygen has a very strong odor. It's clear and fresh smelling. Like mint.

Right now, I smell no fresh smell. No rotten smell. No smell at all. When I sniff, I can't even feel the oxygen coursing through my nostrils. 

I am void of emotion. I am void of smell. I am void of feelings of sorrow, euphoria, delight, relief, resentment, anger, disappointment, and disgust.

I am completely, and utterly void.

The End

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