The Israelites in Egypt

The Challenge: Write a story that is somehow related to the book of Exodus.

Cyrus grunted as he heaved a large boulder up onto the platform. He fell into the dirt and coughed violently. He heard footsteps behind him. He sighed and turned his head.

It was the slave-driver. Cyrus apologized through his coughs as he pushed himself to his feet. The slave-driver didn't look satisfied. Cyrus yelped loudly as the whip slashed into his back. He fell into the dust as the slave-driver continuously whipped him.

"Get back to work," the slave-driver barked. He walked away without another word. Cyrus scrambled to his feet, the sharp pain in his back punishing him for the quick movement.

"Are you okay?" a familiar voice asked.

Cyrus turned to be met by Aaron, an old friend of his. "No," Cyrus sneered, "I'm not!" Cyrus stomped over to another boulder and groaned as he tried to lift it. Aaron bent down and helped him.

"What's wrong?" Aaron asked.

"Everything," Cyrus said as he bent down to pick up a brick.

Aaron said, "It's okay, it's almost sunset. We'll be going home soon."

"Yeah, yeah. But then we'll come back tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day!"

Aaron sighed. "Cyrus, I promise you life's going to get better."

Cyrus rolled his eyes. "Aaron, you've told me all of this before."

"Obviously I haven't told you enough!"

Cyrus shrugged.

Aaron said, "Remember my little brother? Because of an unbelievable miracle, he was permitted to be raised by my mother, and then live as a prince! And somehow, he never lost sight of the one true God---"

"Who by the way, is a myth," Cyrus cut in.

Aaron frowned. "He's not a myth. All of the things he's done for my family proves it! He killed an Egyptian who was attacking one of us, and he had to pay for it. Luckily, he escaped. And I guarantee that God has only begun to use him."

"Like I said, you've told me all of this before. It's all false hope."

Aaron patted Cyrus on the shoulder. "Maybe you're right, but only time will tell."

The End

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