The Beach

The Challenge: Write anything that has to do with a beach, and God. 250-500 words.

I was walking along the beach one day, watching the sand sweep across the land. I kept a slow pace. Breathing in the cool fresh air, while simultaneously listening to the waves crash on the sand. It was difficult though, considering there were thousands of other people screaming and laughing. Every sound was muffled and distorted.

I heard footsteps close behind me but I ignored them. It's probably a father rushing to his child, I thought to myself. I was more right then I could have possibly imagined.

A hand tapped me on my shoulder. I turned to see a man wearing dirty clothes. He looked like a beggar, a homeless person. Disgusted, I took a step away from him.

He looked disappointed as if I should have recognized him. I didn't of course, yet he did seem vaguely familiar. "Can I help you?" I asked in a slightly confused tone.

He said nothing, instead he bent down and started to draw in the sand. I rose an eyebrow and glanced at his fingers. They glided across the sand, drawing letters and symbols. My eyes were glued to him. For some reason, I felt a strange magnetic attraction to this old, homeless man. Maybe it was out of disgust.

Then my eyes widened. He was...writing something. I stepped closer to him. He had written my name! I bent down next to him as he began a new word. He described a scene. Described a man who had cheated on his wife, and told how he lied to her, pretended he didn't know what she was talking about. He then told how they divorced and how now the man lives alone in an old apartment. Finally, he wrote the words, "Now he walks on the beach."

It was then that I realized...he was talking about me. I stood up and stumbled back in shock. How could this man possibly know anything about me?! His eyes didn't stray from the sand. He continued to write. He wrote the words, "Adultery."

It was then that I noticed something...he was crying.

His tears fell onto the sand, and his sobs racked his body.

He continued slowly. He drew an equal sign into the wet sand. Carefully  he drew the word, "Death."

My eyes shot open and I fell to my knees. Who was this man?!

He looked at me with those red, tear filled eyes. I buried my face into my hands and cried. I deserve to die, I wanted to scream. 

I looked up. But no one was there. None of the writings remained. Only a new writing in the sand.

"John 3:16"

The End

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