The Community

The Challenge: In 300 to 1000 words describe a community. Be creative, obviously.

Perfection. The state of being without flaw or defect.

Perfection. A state that has never been achieved.

If only they knew that. The fools that run this place. They even give it that awful name. Perfection

I'm sure you're tired of that word, but not nearly as tired as I am. I live here. In this hell hole they call Perfection. This place is so imperfect that the fools who run the place won't even allow us to admit to our imperfections. We must think and say that we are perfect. Without flaw. Without any imperfection! Sure, we're different. But certainly not perfect!

They genetically mutated us hundreds of years back. They say they mutated us to fix our imperfections. Really, they mutated us to make us immortal and invincible. No longer are there famines, but that's because we don't need food. No longer is there sickness, but that's because they boosted our immune system. No longer is there death, but that's because they have somehow kept our bodies from aging. No longer do we have to work out, because our muscles grow by themselves! We are practically invulnerable!

I know what you must be thinking. You think that life must be great! Living in a place where there's no death, no need for food, no sickness, no physical turmoil! Well there's one thing those fools can't fix. Our mental turmoil. Do you have any idea how hard it is to live in a world where every imperfection is met with surgery? Once, my friend Nate got a pimple on his forehead. It was small, very small. Yet, the idiots that run this place, or the Perfectionists as they call themselves, took him into the Purifier. The Purifier is a room where they, as you would expect, "purify" a person. When Nate came out, his pimple was gone. When I asked him what happened he told me that he couldn't remember. And he didn't seem like himself. I know the reason why though. Inside of the Purifier they also "purify" your mind so you won't remember what had happened. Also, it removes all negative thoughts. 

Unfortunately, those negative thoughts return quickly. But just as you realize what's going on and you try to escape, they catch you and throw you in the Purifier.

That's where I am now.

The End

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