Yarn vs. Cat

The Challenge: 250 words, from the point of view of a ball of yarn being chased by a cat.

They say cats are smarter than dogs. Why they say that, I don't know. There are no real IQ tests that a cat can take, so there's no way to fairly compare a cat's intelligence to a dog's. In the end, it all comes down to opinion. 

My opinion? They're the same. Both of them are unintelligent, incompetent beasts that scour the earth for some kind of entertainment. The thrill of a chase, the exhilaration of licking salty skin. So in short, I hate both cats and dogs. The one I hate the most, though, is the cat. The cat that lives in my house.

It's claws are about five knitting needles long, which is very long. It's teeth are as large as piano keys and as sharp as a pin. You'd think the dumb animal would chase a mouse. But no! Instead, it chases me. A ball of yarn!

As I speak, I am rolling over myself trying to escape from the clutches of the idiot cat that has been trying to catch me for the past hour. I roll over and hide behind a basket. Luckily, the dumb thing doesn't even give the basket a second glance. "He is a very dumb one," I whisper to myself. But wait! The owner is coming in my direction. Woe is me! He has just picked up the basket! The cat is looking at me! Goring with me with that stare, it's slender pupil becoming even more so.

Now the cat is leaping towards me, claws extended!

The last sound I hear is a voice saying, "Who's the dumb one now?"

The End

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